Rid of Rape

As I look through the paned glass

window the reflection of red catches my eyes

In sudden my eyes begin to twitch

As I ponder upon the memories of the last time he laid his hands on me

I vowed that he would pay for this

The way his lips forcefully targets my breast

Biting hard and deep causing my nipples to bleed

Years later on

The pain still exists and I began to reminisce

The days my father and mother kept me under their wing

Protected me with their every being

But I was too far off

Ridding away beautiful thoughts

Letting the pain destroy me by

Controlling my inner being

Losing all direction

And hopes

I wish that I find that man one day to

Confront him about my dignity in which he took!

I was only twelve years old

And twenty years later

It’s like the memories of it all happening still exists in my mind

I can vividly explain in full details of the torture I’ve endured

Feels like yesterday

The memories of being raped never just goes away!

To a brutal past

I pray you dissipate

But it’s a reminder in my mind that gives me strength which I cope!

So my past maybe sad

I’m hurt and bitter

Angry and yet glad

Because I’ve survived and so can you!

Just believe in your heart and You too can pull through!

Rid of rape

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran 2018