Rain & Roses

Rain & Roses
Petals tremble in soft misty hues

and the rain falls like tears on the roses 

once blooming

in every line 

of every sweet love poem

that chased my dreams and flowed from my pen

now etched upon my heart

ā€¦still missing you

and lingering

like tears on the roses

By Devi Ramsaran



Your breath became a sweetness,

through every moment a breeze of ecstasy.
Wafting across my cheek, anointing anxious lips,

excruciatingly long moments waltzing in three-quarter time,

your arms seemed eons away, mine unable to reach you

across a blue-haze horizon and yet that breath,

that wondrous delight hinting of sweet clover

and fields of lavender remains forever, 

embedded in my memory.

By Devi Ramsaran

BulletProof Heart


Every word you ever said,

was like a bullet to the head,

all thats left, is pain and stress,

I wish you nothing but the best,

you turned your back and walked away,

no matter what I tried to say,

I am not here just for your use,

my heart wont break, its bullet proof,

you turn around, and change your name,

try so hard to drown the pain,

nothing lost is nothing gained,

so tired of giving, I feel so drained.

so consumed by my infernal rage,

loving you was like a plague. 

By Devi Ramsaran
Ā© 2010 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat

You are fading slowly
Into a place of non existent 
Iā€™ve been waiting for this day to finally say 
Iā€™ve accepted the facts and from this day forward
I will respect your decision

The restless nights youā€™ve given to me 
The endless tears which flows
I know that growing in this pain will only take me into a different world

A world of danger and hate
Where lying is just a ā€œthing!ā€
Where flowers bloom without the use of water 
Rather it survives on chemicals created by the hands of a man
A world where confusion and resentment devours your soul 
Where bitterness and anger takes control

So I would rather be free 
Allowing you make all those decisions for me

Iā€™m tired and frustrated 
I canā€™t seem to please anyone
Itā€™s a battlefield in my mind
No one will ever know 

I speak out in anger 
I speak out in fear
But not once did I mean those hurtful words I say
Although this may hurt me in the end
Sleep I will finally know 

Us womenĀ 

To us beautiful women Cheers 
We carry weight on our shoulder 

Inside our wombs 

On our hearts 

And still we don’t know where the strength comes from 

But it does

It is because God has made women to populate the universe 

With their love, their care, their knowledge 

And the best of all 


We are all the same women carrying similar struggles and walking different paths 

Yet we all have some things in common 

And that is something which intrigued us or pained us 

We all have something to say

So let’s free our minds 

Uplift our hearts and dedicate our energy into turning those bad into good


Let it out

In ways that words can hurt ones soul

As if it was the last breath you were able to take

Let God flow through you and into those words 

Which helps us over come whatever it is of hurt

And then spread the sunshine and bring out the rainbows with a little love and laughter 
Because after every storm 

Comes the calm 

The beauty of life and the colors of the world

Talking to the wallsĀ 

Today I am your everything Tomorrow I am your whore

Few days later 

We’re arguing over a story about me in which you over heard

I wonder who am I to you that you 

You seem so very distant 

One minute I am right 

The next I am the blame

I’m tired of the constant abuse of being called names

If being with me is so bad

Then why constantly be here making me sad

Why not leave 

Turn your back and walk away 

I’m afraid now if you do stay 

Sometimes I wonder where I would have been today if I choose to never be with you 

I’m not complaining, I’m just hurt 

It’s a constant battle in my mind

What is it that I am worth ? 

We know not of what tomorrow may bring 

For today I need to know where is it that I stand? 

Am I your lady or just someone who pleasures your burning desires? 

Am I your Queen before any other? 

Am I lacking beauty within or is it the condition of my skin? 

Am I trash or dirt in the ground? 

Am I worthy of a crown? 

I know nothing because you don’t seem to speak 

And when you do 

It’s never good things to me 

You complain how much I am such a horrible woman


I still work, wash, cook and clean. 

I wonder where you will ever find another 

6 long years 

And still I can’t become your wife 

No proposal 

Not even a conversation 

About one day of being your bride 

No romantic dinners 

No casual talks

It’s only constant problems which we discuss 

I’m tired too 

But I try my best to listen 

To speak

To reason a situation 

And understand on your part

Well I myself am tired 

And need someone who can understand too

Someone who once listened to me

Cared for me

Loved me immensely 

And treated me with respect 

That someone was you

Now I’m all alone

I’m tired too 

Walking away will be a better option

Because speaking to the walls is my conclusion 

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran  
Ā© 2017 Darshini Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

A Woman Struggles

 A Woman Struggles…
I cook, I wash, I clean 

As I am a wife 

I make love as a woman, not a child

I play with children as if I’ve had some of my very own 

I work like man, doing things many women shouldn’t 

I’m not lazy 

I enjoy intellectual conversations 

I rather be home playing with makeup, cleaning my house, watching movies, or staying in the kitchen all day

I enjoy life for whatever curve ball it throws my way

I am not perfect 

I have flaws too 

I know there are times I feel the beauty in someone and I know when I don’t 

I feel just like you do 

I hurt the same

I say things to defame your name

Because I’m angry at the things you say

I don’t want to fuss over words 

However you give me no choice 

I cry the same salty tears when I am broken in two 

I wish you’d understand how much I care and 

How much I love you 


every cell in my body
Your words have destroyed me 

Consuming my soul with regrets

And hate

You’ve pushed me far 

Beyond your imagination 

And yet you continue to test my emotions 
I guess some things are blinded by the eyes of those who can’t seem to see past their nose

They push those who love deeply into a place of non existence 

Hurting those who care for them 

Because of their own demons inside of them 
And when reality hits them in the face
A great woman as myself 

Would have walked away

Knowing her worth 
With her head held high 

Her shoulders straight 

Her face with a smile

And a heart that’s willing to challenge any dare at any pace 
She will soar above the highest mountains 

Loving stronger than ever before 
And slowly I am beginning to realize my very own worth 

A woman’s struggles 

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran 04/02
Ā© 2017 Darshini Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

Beautiful MonsterĀ 

Ooh beautiful monster I smile as your eyes pierce through my soul 

I embrace your grasp for they know not of what I’ve ever felt before 

Devour into my sweet soul as I smile into slumber 

Rather than in tears 

Weak and brittle 

Through a dark cold grave 

Beautiful monster you put no more fear in me 

As I’ve conquered in my mind 

My own destiny 

Behind closed walls 

I allowed you to manipulate my emotions 

Letting you get the best of me

Beautiful monster 

Please for once do not be naive 

If you allow me to awake 

Please remember the sunrise brings in a new day 

And your soul will eventually fade away

Unable to attack 

So devour into my sweet soul as you wish while I drift into 

Emotion less 

Where I don’t care what tomorrow brings 

Wether I’m here or there. 

The wings of strength will continue to grow

Detaching my soul from yours 
Unfortunately for you 

It is now sunrise 

And I sit Still 

while the birds chirp 

Through my bedroom window 

I’ve survived 

The brutal nightmare 
It was all just a dream 
My beautiful monster 

I wish you were here to see how long it has taken me to over come my fears

To let go of my past

And light my own path 

I wish you knew how hard the journey was 

The battle fields which I’ve walked

I wish you knew things that can change that heart of yours

And see that one can change for the better part
But this is only a wish 

Some comes true 

And some just fades with time

I love you beautiful monster 

But you’ve ruled my soul enough 

I yearn now to escape forever from your hands which hurt
And still I manage to smile through it all

Faded monster 

Change ur ways

Or be a part of the past forever 

And remain where you belong 
Through the darkest of tunnels 

The shallowest of graves

I pray you find comfort 

Of knowing I am not the disgrace 

It was you who has turned 

And now it’s my time to run home 
Sunrise saved the day šŸ˜‰

I am me 


I am meLove me 

Hate me 

Accept me

Deny me

I don’t care
 I refuse to change the woman I am to please another because that would just mean 

I wouldn’t be REAL
If you asked me 

I will tell you no lie
If you hurt me 

I will shed a few tears 

Blow some steam out

But eventually 

I get over it 
If you come at me with the constant bullshit 

Then trust

I will crush it 
If you got to know me

And end up betraying me

I will take revenge 
And in the end just know that a friend like me 

Was one of a kind

That would sacrifice my life to save yours 
So trust 

Is something so real and deep that if it’s lost 

There’s nothing that would ever bring that back

No matter years of trying to prove

That of your worth

No matter how sincere you may be this time around

I will always look at you that 1% less 


at one point betrayed is what happened to me 

So yes I sleep with one eye opened 

And it’s because of the bullshit I’ve been through once before
No one knows how far I’ve come

The things I’ve done

The places I’ve been

The things I’ve seen

The situations I’ve ended up in

The pain I’ve caused

The hearts I’ve helped

The spirits I’ve lifted

The shit I do to help others through

The hustle I find

The every day grind 

The memories I make

The mistakes I’ve made 
So when I say this

Please don’t take it the wrong way
But please I beg

Don’t fuck with my emotions 

And I won’t fuck with yours




I have flaws and so do you

I’m not perfect in your eyes

But trust there’s at least one person I know that sees no flaws in me no matter what I am or what I do and that’s the almighty 

No one knows how much I’ve cried

How hard it was for me to watch someone die 

No one understands how much I hurt

But yet 

I smile 

So before you say YOU KNOW ME



I am me 
Ā© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

I guess I am that blank page


 I guess I am that blank page 

I guess I am that blank page

Skipped past me ever so quickly 

The grasp of uncertainty 

The wind blew it drastically 

Turned over 

And laid face down

I am that blank page

And the reason of his frown

I wonder to myself

Where or why 

And was I all along in that creative denial 

I am that blank page

Clustered between the others

Fighting for air 


Thrown to side just like the others

I guess I am that blank page

Rejected so many times

It’s became immune to my system

And the out burst of feverish chills down my spine

No longer made me quiver 

But I thought to myself again

I am that blank page

No ink would bother to stay

As each letter that has been written 

magically disappears

I am that blank page 

He turned over 

With no cares of my feelings upon 

His broad 

strong shoulders

I guess I am 

That blank page

Who curls at the end

In hopes of the human iris to be in search 

Standing out and pleading 

For attention that is 


I still remain 

Upon the beginning of first to very last chapter 

That blank page 

Fragile heart torn 

Blank pages 


I guess I am that blank page 

No one 

ever thought of 

November 14,2015

I guess I am that Blank Page 

Ā© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)


To those relationships that are in a struggle Please do listen 

And take into consideration 

Sometimes the simple things can be painful 

But to listen of its reasons as to why things occur 

Disagreement doesn’t mean he/she 

Doesn’t love you 

It means the growth 

Of life 

A process 

And a life filled with happiness and sad
In order to love 

We must all know what hate is

To know happy 

We must know sad

To know rain 

We will one day experience the sunshine 
As life 

We must know what is death 
The cycle of life and love 

Accept it and choose to is two different things 
We choose to love 

Or hate 


Inside my mindĀ 

I wish that God can show you my heart and allow you to feel every beat of it 
So you can see
And feel
The love I hold so deep 
For you to have a clear understanding as to why marriage is so pure in my eyes 
And that every beat of my heart is because of you
Even when we fight 
But not everyone has a poetic mind 
As I do 
Not everyone sees through eyes of love 
Not everyone understands how to care 
I do 
I will continue to love and care for u beyond your imagination 
And pray that one day you change your mind and kneel in front of me 
With hands held out high 
Proposing to love me till eternity 
Causing me to shiver 
As my smile lights up the sky and my eyes shine through the darkest of night 
With my heart skipping beats 
Like a child jumping through puddles in the streets 
The passion inside 
My soul turns over 
Like the lashing loud sounds of thunder 
And the sun bursting through the clouded sky 
A feeling of complete satisfaction 
Finally my answer 
I’m willing to be your wonderful wife 
Through the storms and the calm 
For now I exist as is 
my mind creates 
It’s own illusions 
Ā© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)


Lies after liesĀ 

Lies after lies 
I hate
Wishing so badly I was her 
Then marriage in your eyes wouldn’t be a mistake
Lies after lies 
I live 
Pretending that you would propose one day 
Having hope in my heart no matter what you say 
Lies after lies 
I tell myself 
That maybe just maybe 
You would see from the angle where my mind stands 
And love with marriage isn’t just a pen in hand and a paper on a table 
Lies after lies
I tell myself that it could have been me instead of her
Had I only just
say the word
But in denial I lived 
That I could have not met your standards
Yet on a mental note 
Had I go with my heart 
Then life for us would be magical 
Never parting 
Lies after lies 
I imagine us holding hands as you vow to honor and protect 
Love and respect 
Guide and care 
For me 
Until the end of time 
Lies after lies 
And then the feeling just dissipates 
Ā© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)



This womanĀ 

A business woman with lots of potential and 


A mother who nourishes her children with love 

A wife of loyalty 

A sister to any and 

A best friend to many 


Marian Martins 

Written by: Devi Ramsaran

Don’t tell me you love meĀ 


Don’t tell me you love me if you’re not sincere 

For a lie so strong can bring on a new fear 

Fear to love 

Fear to be loved

Fear to ever love again 

It can cause my fragile heart to tear, break or bend 

So when I put all of my trust deep within you 

Please don’t tell me

You love me 

Unless you truly do šŸ’”

My heart has no FearĀ 



Is love, in aberration confusing
That it steals from a mindā€™s daily routine
And is more to blind emotionā€™s choosing
So only what colours the heart is seen
How might a mind full in love concentrate
On daily functions, deliberations
And how would a heart, so held, operate
Its passion losing mindā€™s information
Sooner would I a mind to conjecture
That all thought is constructive in effect
Yet, to loveā€™s hold, is my mind in stricture
And I am lost to all clear thoughtā€™s select
Should I think on love with an affection
Then is love not to a heartā€™s connection

By: Devi 

A Thousand Shadows



Waves of disruption, a thousand shadows spun another tear ran dry,
Into the chasms of despair as here another piece of my soul again dies,
My sanctuary dwelling here in the in-between in a waterfall of emotion,
Leaving emptiness in its path where these dreams play in slow motion.

For in this realm a grasp into the past, that won’t still my hand nor heart,
As here the shadows consume, forsakes my hopelessness and sets apart,
Leaving me in the core of the past, in thy essence here in a blissful retreat, 
As here pulling together the torn heartstrings between our souls in reprieve.

This wingless ride through the years, slighted whispers bleeding from breath,
Grow more distraught between the muse, keep in the darkness leaving no rest,
Bounty of hopelessness enters the fold as the dreams escape through windows,
These shadows my emerald storms, for without them I stay in a state of limbo

By  Devi Ramsaran 

Ā© 2015 Devi Ramsaran  (All rights reserved)

Loves flameĀ 




Love, with passion set aflame
Burning deep from inside
Though the eyes of your love 
Let a flaming fire start
With a penetrating touch upon the flesh
Feel the steamy, sizzling kisses upon your neck
As passion consumes this moment 
In timeā€¦
To leave lingering memories 
In grasp of gasping breathesā€¦
And mesmerizing scents of love
Sparked by a kiss, upon your lips
And the depth I seen in your eyesā€¦
A moment in time,
My breath whisked away
Left breathless, my heart pounding
Entwined forever in my mindā€¦
Your love turned passions ablaze
Deep inside my very being
Your touch etched upon my flesh
Burning desires 
And you walked away
Peering back at me
With a smile
As I lay upon the floor
With pleading eyes
Bathed in your love…
By burning desires

By  Devi Ramsaran 

Ā© 2015 Devi Ramsaran  (All rights reserved)

Entangled ā¤ļø stringsĀ 


Entangled ā¤ļø Strings

Drifting Dream through time and space.
Distance keeps us apart, out of place. 
~~~ Yet ~~~
My web is spun with lovers twine.
~~~ Pulling ~~~
Reminding that you are mine.
~~~ Distance ~~~
Valley, mountains, roaring sea
Clouds of the night
~~~ Float ~~~
Between us in a starlit night.
~~~ Visions ~~~
Of us I send into your
Midnight Dream.
~~~ While ~~~
I wish upon the stars vividly seen.
Knowing you would never forget me.
~~~ Peaceful ~~~
I retreat into slumber.
No sound of thunder. 
~~~Content ~~~
My Lovers Twine
Shall keep you
~~~ Mine ~~~

pain and its facts behind it shows we have emotions and that’s something to still be grateful forĀ 

Chin up and know you are blessed to understand the meaning of pain 

It shows your heart is as pure as the rain falling from the sky 

untouched not knowing of touch until it hits the ground 

In other words 

It’s ok to be down and sad 

It shows that we still have life 

Because we are able to have emotions 

Many aren’t so blessed 

No matter the pain 

Remember what ever you’re going through is to strengthen you 

Praying you over come this pain with a head held high 

And clasped hands to the almighty 


Optical illusions

Optical illusion

See me here,
I live a life as all do
In here an insect of life’s intuition
The threads of my eyes slowly release
I fall deep into dreams
The inner state of less confusion
From the outer state of resistance
Dwelling in the simplicity of logic
Yet poisoned by human existence
And the double vision of the conscious mind

I’d rather be a gust of wind
Moving things before me
Not having features
But become what is carried
Not having a voice
But echo what hasĀ passed
Not feeling pain
But able to give sensation

In motionless time my life evolves
I’m bound to a simple destiny
I cannot yet define in words
The threads of my face tighten
And reveal no tale
But that of which in reality is sleep
No expression can manifest the words
In my lifetime I wish to write
And no words can explain my expression

For when the soul is released
The solution can’t be resisted
But at this time all is unexplained
For I have not yet existed

Ā© 2000 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)