My lovely niece

My lovely Niece

Words are not enough to describe the way you make me feel

The moments from birth until now

I’ve vowed to protect and guide you the best way I knew how

I listened to you and gave you advice

I learned things from you and couldn’t imagine a life without you ever

From baby until now and further more

I promise to treasure

Every waking moment spent with you

For the love you have shown me

Is remarkable

When all denied the love I had for you

You’ve shown them that my time was worth something in your eyes

When others pointed and said I was a bad influence in your life

I only wanted you to experience life for what it was

Starting with the pain, hurt and blame

Because society is what makes most of us

I told you to be brave

Embrace it all

That “this too shall pass!”

Today you are the woman I never was

And I’m so proud of the lady you have become

A rush of joy tingles through my soul

So excited to see what the future holds

You’re a mother now

And I’m so happy for you

The best knowledge you’ve learned from the women in this family

I pray you take with you on this beautiful journey

As you see the changes in your lovely baby boy

I pray each moment is treasured without any fights

I pray he looks at you with only smiles

And loves you immensely without denies

I pray no bond is broken and you live life to it’s fullest with your lovely new family

I hope I live to see this happen and one day become a great great aunty


Thank you for the beautiful journey you have given me

For without you at my side

I had no real friends

You are my niece, my loyal friend, and most of all you have made me so proud of you

Trials and tribulations of you may face

I pray I am still here to help with whatever it takes

For my heart isn’t as strong as it was before

I hurt, I cry, I feel pain like never before

But in my heart you will always be

For he simple fact

You’re my lovely beautiful niece

I love you Brittany ❤️😘

Hope you enjoy this scribe

With eyes wide open and nothing but smiles

Seeing you grow up

It’s a blessing to me

I pray you’re loved through every individual you meet

Because you’re worth more than the diamonds that light up the skies

More wonderful than many of those in my life

God bless you on your beautiful journey


Brittany’s new beginning

As you turn a new chapter in your life

I pray for you

I pray you soar like the birds in the sky reaching for the stars ✨

I pray Jacob is born with 10 fingers 10 toes

And healthy as a horse

I pray your life blooms with joy and love always

Remember as the season changes so will the times

Don’t lose hope when things don’t seem to go right

Have patience when Jacob cries

Give your all as your mother did for you from birth until now

And even beyond much more years to come

Be his guide if ever he may stumble and fall

Pick him up and hold him dear into your arms

I pray you find peace and comfort with your bundle of joy

I pray that God watches over him while he’s asleep at night

I pray no harm ever comes his way

I pray for you now more than ever especially today

I love you beyond words in a dictionary that can describe

And I’m so proud of you my dear niece

Can’t wait till you’re Jose’s wife

Then this story book will be sealed

A family of love, joy and loyalty

God bless you both with your little man on the way ❤️😘😊🙌🎉🎊👑

The new beginning

Love Entwined

Your love

Your love has captivated my inner being

Tangled me into mind blowing sensations

Whirl winds and thunderstorms

Lightening and rain

The loyalty is gained

Respect given with questions asked

No demands made

No boundaries

For this love is stronger than the solar system

Your love has erupted in the depths of my heart causing my soul to intake all of its chemicals

Burning desires

Though miles apart

Your love leaves me weak

Your love deeper than the oceans

Stronger than Concrete

There’s no reason for us to be discreet

I prefer the world to see

Endless blessings flowing through my veins

A remarkable feeling no one will understand

Unless of course

You’re heart has felt what I was dealt

A Euphoric taste

Your love held my soul

Devi Ramsaran 2018

Impetuous Ecstasy

Impetuous Ecstasy

As your fingers ran through my hair

Your eyes scintillate (glistens)

Your heart no fears

Temerarious (daring) if you must

Lips to lips 👄

Prurient (passionate) kiss 💋

Hands enveloped (wrapped)around

Bodies entwined

Apathetic (slow) Breathing

My soul a catastrophe

But a kind that is saccharine (sweet)

Impetuous Ecstasy

Manipulating my perception

Creating a sweet sanctum (haven)

Divided by obliteration (nothing)

Two hearts one connection

Impetuous Ecstasy

Devi Ramsaran 2018


My lifeline

Thankfully I’ve never used it up

Usually I am the one everyone calls

In desperate times

For a listening ear

Or even advice

I wonder how many are out there today

That will allow me to use a lifeline when I’m in need

I’m sure there’s not that many

Maybe a few possibly

Whatever it may be

Just note I wouldn’t ask

Unless I desperately need

Lifelines are used for moments when all else has failed

Don’t abuse a privilege

For that is what it is


Devi Ramsaran 2018

My first song

When all else has failed


Be right there my dear

Seeking you, comforting and guidance through

With a love that is so rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

You’ve helped me, conquer the world of beauty

With your smile shining through

I’ll be always, next to you

With a love that is so rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

As the flowers bloom through the seasons

And when the cold air withers it away

I’ll be there, to catch, every single tear drop

With a love that is rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

As the sunlight brings in warmth

Keeping you safe from all harm

As the rain coming in down and

The humidity expands

With a love that is rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

Let me take you into my arms

Keep you warm at heart

As your soul glistens, while lighting up all paths

With a love that is rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

With a love that is rare

Bound by the heavens above

As angels singing so loud, while playing their harps

A love that is hard to find

I will forever be one of a kind

With a love that is rare

Baby, let me, take you, there

By Devi Ramsaran

The passion of life after death

I wonder what you’re doing in heaven right now

Are you rejoicing with the angels as the Bible speaks of life after death?

Are you resting until God calls all of his best?

Are you jumping for joy to see how much you were loved? Or

Are you listening to every words spoken of time and God?

I wonder

Are the clouds caressing you when you need a hug?

Are the angels showing you how to guide those you’ve once loved?

Are you an angel just as we see on TV?


Are you just sitting and enjoying time with the almighty?

I wonder

When my time comes

I wonder how it will be!

Are you dancing and prancing around in serenity?

Are you eating or do your stomach fill with just love and peace?

Are you at the golden gates as the Bible states?


Are you awaiting until we all (humans)face judgment day?

Are you able to talk to God?

Are you able to see him?

Are you safe and Warm?

Are you cold or scared?

I wonder when someone dies

Of a random death

How do they move on in life after death?

Are the things in the Bible we read True?

Is God really waiting to greet those who have passed on?

I wonder an entire book

So this is where I am shook!

Till my time comes only then will I truly know

Because the beauty of life is to live on with great hopes

Meeting your creator is a wonder in the mind

Until the end of your life

And when it is your time

Only then will we all know

The passion of life after death

Inner soul captivating hearts

My passion for poetry keeps me awake

Drifting into deep thoughts…


As each time, I begin to write

I pray to shine some light into the souls that are lost For words

Giving each of you a piece of hope

A little of me

With love and serenity

Compassion and unity

I pray that some day

My words of Wisdom becomes the reason for someone’s better future

Looking forward to a beautiful ending

As we embrace time and dedication

To acknowledging that life no matter what it be, we count those blessings

And humble ourselves to Divine beauty

Vision of light

A flash of lights across my eyes

While closed

Usually there is darkness

But I felt that bright light connecting my soul to something beyond this world

I’m not sure what it was

Although, you were the first person I thought of

Keeping me awake

While thoughts ran through my head

I visioned your smile

Then came the sound of your voice

Giving me a sense of hope

A light path of direction

You have thought me to embrace Beauty inside and out

And pray for those who always argue and shout

You showed me to love unconditionally

Finding flaws in no one

I listened to your voice but I felt your soul

It is beyond words that any dictionary can describe

You’re so close but yet so far away

Your presence is in desperate need for us all

Still we pray

To find comfort in knowing you’re in a better place

Many would say!

Thankful for the words of wisdom you’ve taught me

I find peace in knowing I can share those dreams with those in need

Of a vision so deep

Beyond words in a dictionary

Your love for people and life was rare

Your affection and devotion was no dare

It came from the heart


You have birthed a new beginning

Making us a beautiful place in heaven

As you work your fingers to it’s very end

I thank you in advance my dear friend

We love you Jay Vellos ❤️🙏🏽💭

Our beloved gone but not forgotten

Your illuminating soul has captivated our hearts. You were an intrinsic nature, humble, loyal, ambitious, loving, caring and independent.

A son, A brother, A friend, A husband, A father, and now you are a King with a whole new meaning.

Life is designed to include perpetual change. This is one change no one will ever be able to adjust to.

A King who once stood firm with wisdom and strength, an armor to protect, and a courageous man whose wealth was built on Love.

Till we meet again my family, my friend

From the Sunrise to the Sunset

Until the very end of our last breaths,

We have loved you then and now even in life after death.

Bless up

Think about it 🙏🏽

My poetry is to make you think 🤔.

What is life without an end?

We all must go one day

But our parts we separate

We love differently.

Some look back on memories.

Some which are beautiful and some that which in pain a heart may never heal.

We are taught to let go of our physical presence and let God work through our soul.

We are taught that the body is a temple and heaven is filled with gold.

So why do we all believe differently?

It is in the mind

And based on certain memory.

We are taught to respect your elders, ask permission when needed to speak.

But why is it that in today’s world

We interrupt as while others speak?

We are taught to listen and take heed to the older words of the wise and later on in life we follow those concepts some are truth and some are lies.

How do we believe what we are taught is even wrong or right?

We believe when we search deep within

For answers that are deeply hidden.

But the only

Way to conquer this battle, is to reach deep down inside and let that light shine.

You never know what it is you may have kept secretly tied

Unless you reveal it a little at a time.

And that is what death is

To celebrate life after death

As we all must leave earth one day

So why have regrets?

Starting searching now

For the journey is like a roller coaster

Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down

But through it all

Pray each step of the way

For God leads no one astray.

As time may pass us by slowly

We gain Knowledge through experience and then we have the blessed opportunity to pass that wisdom down.


Yours truly



Writing ✍️ when hurt

The pain in the tips of the pen against each sheet of paper

Seems to flow drastically

As hearts are poured out and souls are cleansed.

I’m proud of the woman that I am.

The pain keeps me humble and the writings on the walls, keeps me sane. It’s memories I relive but I gain with strength.

Written with blood

Stained with tears

Yours truly


I write

I write because it makes me happy

I write because I’m free


I write for a better understanding of life and reflect on bitter memories

In hopes of making me stronger

To withstand the storms that are yet to come.

I write to give others inspiration for that is from the mind which God has given me to share.

I write for those who in need for a little light to burn deep within

Helping those who were lost to find comfort from God above

I write to free my soul and enhance the minds of the wounded

I write each day, for the battle is my determination.

I write to spark a heart

Captivating ones soul

I write of past, present and future examples of the laws of life.

I write for those who don’t believe that the vision is straight ahead.

I write to motivate, inspire, acknowledge, and teach and I hope those who enjoy

Always continues to read…


Gone but never forgotten ❤️

From the moment we first met

All I knew is that your expressions left impressions in my mind that which I cannot ever forget.

Your words of wisdom and time of dedication to acknowledge my ambition meant the most important thing for me

Having me come to realization

That I am not just a new book

Rather I am a limited edition

Your comforting words of silent relief allowed me to conquer the enemy which laid within me

Your hopes and prayers have guided me through in the darkest of moments where suicidal thoughts ran through my head

And all I wished was death

You watched me smile, you saw my tears, you heard my sobs and listened to my fears.

You gave me advice

You lifted my life with compliments of beauty inside and out

You stood up for my woman’s worth and denied those who disrespect and misunderstood my kindness for weakness

Your life on earth will never be told unless I write your journey into a book

And make you smile from deep within

An Angel who has gone but will

Never be forgotten

Bless up Jay

Your baby sis Devi Ramsaran

Dedication to Jay

Allow me to begin this with a Thank you Thank you 🙏🏽 for being a blessing in all of our lives.

Thank you for the loving time you took in listening to my mother cries

Thank you for the time I needed a friend, to listen to me complain of all the things you taught me to be grateful for today. Today I have listened loud and clear that Tomorrow is never promised to anyone.

Today I am blessed to have known you, learned about you, grown to love you as not only a customer, or even as a friend but most of all

I love you as you are my brother.

Although we are all hurting deep inside,

We know that God has greater plans for you as an Angel at his side.

It’s hard to accept that you will no longer be here in flesh and bones

But I find comfort knowing that your presence are within our hearts and souls.

You are one of a kind, humble, loyal, and peaceful, a devoted son, customer, friend, brother, father, and husband. I’ve learned so much from you and I thank you for the wonderful talks. You are a great listener, great adviser, and a caring individual. Your soul was pure and will remain that way. I thank God for allowing us to all be a part of your life and even after death

We will be one again.

I find peace within when I let go of that balloon. I felt your presence and heard your voice inside my head

Saying “Pray”

I promise you Jay that no matter what it is I will be there for both of our moms

I will be there for Stephanie and Rain the best that I can

I will try to comfort and listen when they need an ear or advice

Because you, my brother has done the exact same for us all over here.

We never got to show you our appreciation but I pray you know now how deeply we are thankful for all you have done and all you have been to us

We love you dearly and this is only one note. Imagine how much more I will

Write of the stories you left behind

I promise to keep you living on

With memories of the day your wife said yes to a proposal

I would never forget the smile on your face

And the day when we were talking about names

For your princess and how much joy you were in before she arrived

Those are priceless memories which made us so happy for you

I pray you are smiling down from heaven

And watching over us all

There’s too much more to write

Because a great man as yourself

Deserves more than a note

You deserve your very own book!

A King who died saving his Queen and his princess.

My title for you

One day it will be a hit

Thank you Jay

I know this note is kind of long

But please bare with me some more

I thank you for your words of encouragement, I thank you for your wonderful compliments, I promise you big brother that from up there you will

Be amazed

By the words in which I will place to dedicate to you

A title which can no other man ever take

“A Loyal and peaceful Humble King”

That book will be only of you and your life.

I knew there was a reason why you kept telling me to continue to write, I knew you always lifted my spirits with your amazing smile, when you told me that my art was intriguing, captivating and filled with lots of surprise.

I know now that you wanted better for me brother and I promise I have listened now

I just wish

I listened a little sooner

Then maybe somehow I could have showed you in person

I pray you rest in Paradise

Until we meet again

Your little sis Dee and all

The ones you left behind

At Devi Deli 108 St

Respect and

Bless up

You left a legacy behind for me to write about

Thank you 🙏🏽

A King Who died protecting His Queen and his Princess

Waking up to news that you are no longer here

Aches my heart

Knowing you have been such a humble individual and wonderful son to your mother as well as mine

Your great deeds as a friend, a loyal customer, and a big brother/little brother

Will never be forgotten

Although we mourn your passing

We celebrate the truth of your death

We know you died like a Bo$$ protecting your family

Covering them with your love, your loyalty, your care, you sheltered them with your all and died like as A HUMBLE KING 👑

So cheers 🍻 to the Coors light specials, Ciroc’ and Henny Shots

I’ll never forget our talks

I can still remember when you fell in love with your wife

Your ran to me with questions of how to propose

And you did it exactly the way we discussed

You knew she was the one

In such a short time

I saw your eyes lit up with such joy

And the news of having a little princess 👸🏼

On the way

Your expressions were priceless

You have left behind a legacy

So tonight although we are in tears and mourn your death

We drink for you and celebrate the joy of your loyalty

Your strength, your courage, your love and passion for people


Team # bang # In

Your true soldiers

Me of course #1 lol 😂

Amit, Daniel, Vic, Gary, Mike, Ravi, Neil, Blue, PR, Evelyn, Marando, Moms, Pops, Chris,


May your soul Rest In Paradise

Respect and Bless Up

Love you Big Bro/Lil Bro


All of Me 

I see more to you than the physical attraction in the human eyeI feel far more than the warmth of your tender touch

I see something in you which many have never took the time to search for

I see beauty inside and out

A character that has moral values of self-worth

I see a person with confidence, persistence, motivation, sophistication, and much more

I see beneath the outer strength

I see a heart filled with pain yearning for healing

I see the tears hidden behind those smiles

I know because I have been down that same road

I want to take you to higher levels beyond your imagination

Sit you on a throne while you look down at the world and smile

To the faces who thought you wouldn’t make it this far

I see a person who I can spend the rest of my life with and enjoy every moment we share

I see a person who has no trust in women and refuses to let anyone in his heart

I see me having to work harder to make you mine to keep forever


Those are only things that I see

Things I want to do…

I want to take you to the most extreme exotic side of me

I want to make your eyes capture my smile and in your mind forever will it remain a memory

I want to be by your side through the pains and the joy

I want you to know that you make me the happiest woman in this world

I want to go places with you hand in hand, romancing and exploring the world

I want to be that person you share your life with happily ever after

I want to have a son and daughter

I want to be your bride that you will always cherish and honor

I want to claim that position as an honest wife filled with devotion to her husband

I want the memory that we’ve made to live on for our kids to one day tell

I want the life of being that dedicated wife.

What I see and what I want is an opportunity that is waiting for me to open up the doors and accept with open arms

What I need…

What I need in my life is someone who can make me a proud wife, a mother and a best friend

What I need is real love, time dedication, smiles on my face, and a heart with no space for anyone but my name and more than ever I need someone to respect, trust and believe in me

What I need is Man who will never stop me from pursuing my goals in life and stand by my side if I failed

What I need is someone who can promise and be as firm as possible to it

I need more to a person than just a communication

I need to know, to feel that his heart alone belongs to me

What I am willing to give…

I am willing to give him my heart, mind, body and soul

I am willing to give him a reason to rush home from work at the end of the day

I am willing to give him more than just my time

I am willing to be that dedicated wife

I am willing to cook, wash, clean and stand on my own two feet showing him that I am more than just a woman of strength but of responsibilities

I am willing to give my all for his happiness and let him rest assure that I will not go away

Things I like…

I like the long romantic walks with the person who holds my heart in his hands

I like the cuddling up in bed watching movies or even just the silence in the night staring each other in the eyes

I like the candle light dinners at home with a glass of wine as we sit down and reflect on the past and where we are today

I like to share my dreams, wants, hopes and desires with the person I am deeply in love with

I like to listen and give advice

I like to speak what it is that is on my mind at the moment before it builds up and I let out steam

I like to confide in people who have experience so I won’t make the same mistakes twice

I like to be treated with love and respect

I like when the person I am with will do anything just to make me smile at my toughest times

I like the positive, sophisticated, open minded, outgoing, respectful, honest person

I don’t care…

I don’t care what she was or is I know that I am far better than that in many ways

I don’t care if my ex treated me worse than the dirt on the floor as long as you don’t do the same

 I don’t care if the world is against us because together we will stand firm no matter what

I don’t care what people think of me because my past is what makes me stronger and a better person today

I don’t care if there isn’t a tomorrow for I will live only for today

I don’t care if the world stops and hell freezes over I know that the love I have for you will live on

I don’t care where or who you may be with if not me for years to come as long as the happiness fills your heart and on your face appears a smile of grace

I don’t care if I am sad for a lifetime as long as you are happy inside

I don’t care who looked down on you because of your past mistakes all I know and believe in my heart is that you are a far more better person than you was

I don’t care if “she” walks back in your life as long as you do what you believe is right

I don’t care if “she” fights me every time I see her I will stand my ground in being a strong believer that it was her lost and my gain

I don’t care if tomorrow fills me with pain for being with you is a challenge I am willing to take

I don’t care what may fall before me as long as I continue to have your support to help me cross over that path

When certain bridges are before me I will cross it knowing you are at the other end waiting on me

Life to me…

Life to me now has a purpose of living since the moment you have walked into it

Life is no longer just a day that passes by

Living in a brutal world where the animals have more control than humans

I have noticed that you took the time to listen, give advice and even shared a few of your pains and joys

There’s so much more that you mean to me and not enough words to describe


For a moment I will hope that this scribe has touched your heart in more ways than one and has

Opened your eyes to what it is that I really feel inside

Dedicated to you with my whole heart filled only with love

My Tiger you are so special to me and I want you to know that no matter the trials we may face the love that I have for you will continue to grow unless you asked me to walk away then my only option is loving you from a distance.

The one and only Darshini Devi Ramsaran

Oh Mother In Law 

Letter to my boyfriend mother
My dearest mother in law

On Mothers Day 

Every one wished me a Happy Mothers Day 

And I thought of you

How much you have done to hurt me 
I’ve shed one too many tears

In hopes of one day holding my very own child dear to my heart 

But you 

You have snatched that joy inside of me 

Before I can give my child the opportunity to see the world with its own naked eyes

You have destroyed my peace

You took my smiles and turned them into frowns 

You made me sad 
When you came here I treated you as a Queen

Attended to your needs with whatever you desired 

Gave our bed for you to rest on

Allowed you to take full control over my home

And now 

Today of all days 

I have regrets 

It is because of you 
I hope when you’re reading this letter your heart doesn’t burn 

Your body doesn’t freeze

You soul doesn’t ache 

But if it does 

Then so be it 

I just pray you know how to deal with it if and when that time comes
You have birthed your son

Today he is a part of my life

I asked humbly for your blessings as he did too

Today he is willing to forgive you 

When I have forgiven you years ago
Not once have I destroyed you with words 

But the names you have called me is words I’ve never even heard
You were like a mother to me in my eyes

And in yours I was a disgrace to become your sons wife

I would have protected you the best I could 

Given you my home and let you live

Worked my bones to its very end 

And pray that God keeps you safe from anything 
As a child I was taught to respect those who are eldest 

I was told to be humble no matter how much and how hard it gets

I did my very best 

Today of all days I held close to my heart 

The regrets of being so humble 

Because of you 

My universe is of nonexistent 

Because of you I gave up on love 

Because of you I have pains today 

And now because of you 

Your very own son has stayed away from you 
Not once have I made him choose 

He knew in his heart you have done nothing for us than abuse me with hurtful words 

He knew you sent people to have me beaten up 

He knew our lives was at peace until you came here and destroyed it
What mother leaves her son all alone In a different yet difficult world because of her own selfishness? 

What mother snatches a child from another woman’s womb? 

What mother wishes her children bad? 

I can’t seem to understand why do you think you have it all figured out 

When even that same son aches for the love from his mother 

How do I stomach the pain that you have taken away from me 

When you yourself is in pain because your son has denied you today? 
I wonder now 

How do you feel to destroy me and in the process you destroyed yourself? 
I’ve done great deeds more than you can imagine

I’ve sheltered those who had no home

I’ve cared for those who had no one

I’ve loved for those who has been abandoned 

I’ve been a mother, a friend, a sister and a loyal woman to your son 

I’ve respected you when you degraded me

I’ve loved and cared for your son 

I’ve done the best I could

I’ve done enough

I pray that today 

My last words to you shall embed itself into your soul making you restless forever until you crawl on your knees and beg for my forgiveness 
The next time you dare to step in my path

Thunder will roll

Lightning will strike you 

For I am more loved than you can ever imagine

I am a child of God

Who deserve to be happy

Who deserves to be respected 

Who deserves love like everyone else in this world

God is my witness 

I have not once disrespected you 

I’ve had 

Many opportunities to send you to jail

But I kept shut

Today I will no longer be a victim to you or anyone

I’m stronger and more powerful 

Because God has mended my broken heart

My child is with the angels rejoicing 

That he or she is proud to once be a part of me
The next time you dare attack me with your words or your physical being

I hope 

For every thing you have done to me

I pray it comes back to you twice or ten times more

Seven years is long enough

Now I am putting my foot down 

I pray that God be with you through those times 

And I pray you accept him and he 

shines some light into your dark heart!

Because if you don’t

Then you haven’t yet felt real PAIN 

With his blessings 

As his child I gain each day the knowledge of those who are arrogant and of those who are ignorant 
By; Devi Ramsaran 2017 

Battle Scars 

Battle scars are horrible memories with beautiful Journeys ahead

Walls closing in 

You see the light fading.

Water swallows you as you swallowed her.

You die slowly.

You rot for eternity.

Breathing heavy you die and die and die.

You lose yourself. You lose and cry.

Fading away. Walls all around you.

You die and die and die.

Darkness consumes you.



Two minds shared in equal balance.

Two hearts yielding love.

Two lives lived in different ways.

Two souls entwined as one.

There’s no mistake when you find this mate,

You’ll know it from the start,

The feeling is an awesome one,

The best one in your heart. 

Adore Me 

As we gaze into each others eyes
We feel the mystical energy
A powerful beam of light
Penetrates ever so radiantly
Vibrates deep into our hearts
Sending electrical charges
Beckoning our love for each other
Each silhouetted face glows 
Refracting brilliant charges
That is mutually exclusive
And expressed in a satin heaven
As we reach the plateau
Of our love, we bond in a cocoon 
Hearts beating as one, lub dub
Happiness shows for our love 
We pledge to respect always
Cherish and romance as well
And always to share kind words
In every waking moment of ours
With each breath we take
And at the crossroads we encounter
We stay true to our path
Together we breathe and walk 

I wonder too…

I wonder how you’d feel if walking my shoes right now.Would you be in pain, showing it through your face? 

Or would you smile and just endure it 

Like nothing happened in the first place?

I wonder if I paid you no attention 

Would you pretend that you’re okay 

Or would you lash out like a child taken to a candy store and couldn’t even get one thing?

Sometimes I wonder
I wonder if you dare

To creep your feet into my shoes

Putting no emotions on a table 

Because you’re that bold and able 
I wonder if Jesus came to earth 

What is the first thing that you would do? 

Would you prepare a feast and clean the house or would you stand at that door with water to wash his feet?
I wonder if you’ve ever cried yourself to sleep or do you smile knowing because of you someone else’s is crying under their sheets? 
I wonder if you’re gonna weep the same way I’ve once weep or would you laugh in slyness for being proud of being a creep? 

It’s amazing how life takes sudden twists and turnsWhen family becomes enemies and friends become foes

I wonder when one dies what becomes afterwards to their soul

Does anyone wonder too? 

Love Knocks 3 x 

‘I …….L O V E…….Y O U’
As you knocked on the keyboard

3 simple words with not much thought

Your desire across the board

My love you constantly sought
In the web of love, I was caught

By a total stranger with a magical rod

Mesmerised in delusion, put me in a spot

Hopes a float, what I might and what I ought
Is this just a fantasy or simply a plot

A fiction of my imagination, luck of a slingshot

Targetted my heart, hit me on the spot

Strucked my wounded soul with a lightning bolt
Black words typed on white screen board

Loves declaration upon parchment canvas distort

Endless pursue, throngs of words you fought

Capturing my love with hopes I would never abort

Everlasting Love Story 

The heavens call out to us with truth of love everlastingPromises never made, yet kept within the deep

The depths of our souls unite in the midnight

As we melt in a world that has not joined our names

Washed upon the shore with the waves of regret

We wish and we hope for a union

A union we pray…

For a day, a night when the stars might shine upon our story

As in each other’s arms we are safe and at home

At home, listen to my heart

For it is my heart that beats your name

It beats your name loud in the winds that call you home

Home is where the heart resides and you reside within me

And neath the diamonds sparkling, we laugh, we cry, and we believe

In love, a love that shares in our legend of passionate streams

Where hand in hand we walk with new hearts

Hearts that have forgotten they were ever broken

Broken no more for together they have found peace and comfort in the everlasting truth that our souls knew all along

Cruel Love 

Cruel love
Alas, cruel love, away with you! 

Attempts at you are but in vain! 

You tempt and mock at ev’ry turn 

And always leave my heart in pain. 
My thoughts of you must not be real, 

A fantasy to ne’er be found. 

If this be true, then set me free 

That my deep sorrows may be drowned. 
Away with your false promises 

Of undying, deep devotion 

And forever love, if such exists, 

I’m done with this emotion! 
For there’s no hope for such a fool 

Whose pleas remain unrequited 

For life has left my broken heart 

Scarred and forever blighted. 

Cruel Love 

Cruel love
Alas, cruel love, away with you! 

Attempts at you are but in vain! 

You tempt and mock at ev’ry turn 

And always leave my heart in pain. 
My thoughts of you must not be real, 

A fantasy to ne’er be found. 

If this be true, then set me free 

That my deep sorrows may be drowned. 
Away with your false promises 

Of undying, deep devotion 

And forever love, if such exists, 

I’m done with this emotion! 
For there’s no hope for such a fool 

Whose pleas remain unrequited 

For life has left my broken heart 

Scarred and forever blighted. 

Vision of Serenity 

Don’t just listen to the water drops

Listen to the beats

Let it constantly replay like a melody in your mind

Let the rhythm 

Create an illusion in your head 

And find that paradise inside of you

The vision of serenity 

Vision of Serenity 

Don’t just listen to the water drops

Listen to the beats

Let it constantly replay like a melody in your mind

Let the rhythm 

Create an illusion in your head 

And find that paradise inside of you

The vision of serenity 

Mathematics of Love

I’d like to knowWhere we’re going and in 

What direction?

Is Love taking us to our prescribed destination?

What’s your vision?

What’s your mission?

Are you good at 

Long Division, or

Are we Solid Factors

Or Remainders and fractions?

How do we fit Logically?

Cypher Think Critically with me

Let Love’s Power

Uravel Problems and Solutions

Are we in order with operations,

Or an Unbalanced Equation?
Find the unknown variables

Equally Spiritually balance our

Prime Factorization that’s called

The Proof of Marriageability

Intimate stability or volatility.


Look at all the common factors

Reduce negativity

By offering Positivity 

Subtract what distracts

& detracts

Add benevolent benefactors

Creating Numerically Our Matrix

Watch Hell give way to 

The Power of Love Making.
Let Love be in parenthesis

An Equation that changes surroundings

See us exponentially And Scientifically

Put Sexing me in rotation

Until our Life of Love

Becomes Scientific Notation.
Let our Mind’s Physics be Quantum

Let our Ions Chemically be 

Living Love as we perform

“The Good Work”

Ancient Alchemy throughout the Aeon’s.
 Musically move my soul

Mathematically like notes

On a octave

Discover me sexually in Theorem

Let two become One like

H2O liquid water a

Two to One Ratio.
Speak to me Philosophically

Discover me like Plato’s forms

Use your arms to hold and mold 

Rearrange the Universe’s Algorithm

Calculate time, rhythm, and motion

See me with Your 3rd Eye 

like God’s thoughts moving at Light’s Speed

Love is our technology

Together we’re Anomalies.
Place beauty in our Theology

Your Assett’s canvased and framed artwork

Create and build with me

Until Love, Our Love is transformed into Monuments And Holy Temples.
Mystic is our language

While preforming tongue rhythms

Let me hear you summon 

The Choirs of Arch Angels.
While I explore your geometry

Its important I see your

Right Angle, 90°Please

At night your and Obtuse angle

In the morning before work

I hit your acute angles.

With this Formed Love

We become Religion

To, By, and For

One another.

Mathematics of Love

Mathematics of Sex

I’d like to knowWhere we’re going and in

What direction?

Is Love taking us to our prescribed destination?

What’s your vision?

What’s your mission?

Are you good at

Long Division, or

Are we Solid Factors

Or Remainders and fractions?

How do we fit Logically?

Cypher Think Critically with me

Let Love’s Power

Uravel Problems and Solutions

Are we in order with operations,

Or an Unbalanced Equation?
Find the unknown variables

Equally Spiritually balance our

Prime Factorization that’s called

The Proof of Marriageability

Intimate stability or volatility.

Look at all the common factors

Reduce negativity

By offering Positivity

Subtract what distracts

& detracts

Add benevolent benefactors

Creating Numerically Our Matrix

Watch Hell give way to

The Power of Love Making.
Let Love be in parenthesis

An Equation that changes surroundings

See us exponentially And Scientifically

Put Sexing me in rotation

Until our Life of Love

Becomes Scientific Notation.
Let our Mind’s Physics be Quantum

Let our Ions Chemically be

Living Love as we perform

“The Good Work”

Ancient Alchemy throughout the Aeon’s.
Musically move my soul

Mathematically like notes

On a octave

Discover me sexually in Theorem

Let two become One like

H2O liquid water a

Two to One Ratio.
Speak to me Philosophically

Discover me like Plato’s forms

Use your arms to hold and mold

Rearrange the Universe’s Algorithm

Calculate time, rhythm, and motion

See me with Your 3rd Eye

like God’s thoughts moving at Light’s Speed

Love is our technology

Together we’re Anomalies.
Place beauty in our Theology

Your Assett’s canvased and framed artwork

Create and build with me

Until Love, Our Love is transformed into Monuments And Holy Temples.
Mystic is our language

While preforming tongue rhythms

Let me hear you summon

The Choirs of Arch Angels.
While I explore your geometry

Its important I see your

Right Angle, 90°Please

At night your and Obtuse angle

In the morning before work

I hit your acute angles.

With this Formed Love

We become Religion

To, By, and For

One another.

Mathematics of Love

A vision of reminder 

Just a vision to remind you that you come first at heart and soulEveryone and everything will fit into place when you open up your mind to the world I see 

No matter what pain you may face 

Joy follows afterwards

Like the rain and the puddles 

Comes rainbows and sunshine 
It’s called a world filled of life and beauty

Exotic creatures 

Unexpected situations 

Vivid memories

Fainted tears

Unimaginable pain

Unforgettable love

Strength with hurt

Life with laughs 

Time for work and time for play 

Reason behind death

Blessings of birth 
© 2016 Darshini Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)


Life journey takes it course 

When life’s journey has taken a new course  

You’re speechless because of the intimacy 

You’re deaf to the words of warning 

You’re blind to see the pain which lies ahead
And now 
You sit wondering 

Quietly to yourself 

How could this be? 
When the love in which was so strong has now become weak
I wonder 

“Is he truly in love with me?”
I shiver with the harsh tone of his voice near me 

I sometimes wonder is he out there cheating on 


I cry my self to sleep many nights 

Afraid of waking up to the room being empty 
Without his love I wobble 

And with his love I shine through even in the darkness of life 
I know not what tomorrow may bring 

But my love 

I promise to remain the same 

For you I wish the world to bow before

I pray an eternity of happiness is all that you should ever endure 

I lift you upon my fantasy pedestal 

Proud that in my heart not only your name is written 

But it is also embedded into my soul 
I love you 

Let your name leave a legacy 

Life is such a growing process 
We live, we learn, we accept, we change, we chance, we give, we demand, we work, we play, we cry, we smile…

But through it all 

Our minds are developing into something stronger 
Life is challenging 

Just take it as it come 

Don’t let fear or rejection, stop you from embracing life 
Get out there and touch the sun if you dare

Reach out and hold the stars if you think it’s possible 

Do you because no one will do for you 

Embrace your life and let your name leave a legacy! 

Where we stand I will never know

Where we stand I will never know
Where we stand I will never know, because your emotions you can never show. 

Today you love me 

Tomorrow you don’t
One moment you care the next you say you won’t 

I can’t seem to understand the fine lines between us anymore 

The simplicity between a conversation 

No longer exist
You turn your back on me in the bed which we share

I know not what I do many nights 

For me to constantly feel as I am walking on egg shells
Afraid I am to speak my mind

Because if you don’t run away for the entire night

You’re lips are on constant rewind
Memories of the past I wish can remain there

Yet you seem to always have a reason to bring it back to me when things seem a bit of uncertainty 
I’ve waited for six long years

For you to always say your parents were right

Then answer me this one simple question

Why is it you still seem to crawl back into the same bed we share at night? 
Where we stand I will never know

I am the last thing on your agenda even a simple promise you can’t afford
I sometimes sit and wonder

Where is it that I am heading 

I live with a man who thinks I am worth absolutely nothing

Faded Petals 


Strewn upon the cobbled

path lay dried and faded rose 

petals, where tear drops had 

left their mark, but now were 

invisible in the dark, but they

still left their mark
The dark red roses had

arrived, the day after he had 

said goodbye, and she cried 

and cried but kept them till 

they lost their colour and died


Knowing the ocean wind 

would soon carry them 

away, perhaps then she

could start again in some 

way, but how could she 

without the one she 

had depended upon as

her friend, soulmate and 

had loved so deep.


This mountain she now 

faced was cold and steep.

One rose petal she crushed

and placed into a locket

he had given to her as 

a gift, and she would wear

it always, he would be 

with her on this climb and

when she needed help, he

would give her a lift.

After you’re gone…

After You’re Gone  

A midst the quiet of the evening,

I still sense you are near.

The memories flood my consciousness

As I wipe away my tears.

I long to hold you close, 

to feel the warmth of your skin.

But my mind tells my heart,

I’ll not see you again.

Faded pictures, greeting cards, 

and songs on the radio,

are all that remain

of the love we once knew.

Your ways, though quiet,

were oh so strong 

that I think you are here

even after you’re gone.

Loves Holding

Is love, in aberration confusing

That it steals from a mind’s daily routine

And is more to blind emotion’s choosing

So only what colours the heart is seen

How might a mind full in love concentrate

On daily functions, deliberations

And how would a heart, so held, operate

Its passion losing mind’s information

Sooner would I a mind to conjecture

That all thought is constructive in effect

Yet, to love’s hold, is my mind in stricture

And I am lost to all clear thought’s select

Should I think on love with an affection

Then is love not to a heart’s connection

~ Love Intrigues Me ~
I celebrate the emotions of this life,

feel the prelude of passion and its sensation …

It holds my fragile being in total submission,

but the hunger for love … intrigues me

Calm after the storm 

Storms of life come, storms of life dissipate.Thunder sounds loud, lightning will equate.

Outburst in some relations, anger will annihilate.

Remove yourself from this situation.

Move to a more understanding relation..

Storms do not last in a loving relation.

Deadly Attraction 

Deadly Attraction  

I remember you loving me like you never did before

Before that dreaded moment of you walking through that door

Door to my heart I opened and the walls you penetrated

Penetrated by what I thought to be love, only to be degraded

Degraded to the lowest of lows, taken from the highest of highs

Highs accompanied by mundane mornings and never-ending numbing nights

Nights and days passed, were gone forever, ones that made me superior

Superior to those who were not in love, those who are inferior

Inferior to the feelings I had and still have for you

You, the love of my life, the one I see in my future too

Too soon, it was for me to fall in love so quick

Quick to say the three words and then it was time to quit

Quit fooling myself, quit thinking about these deadly feelings

Feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness to my heart they cling

Cling triumphantly, tugging and squeezing, leaving me so very lonely

Lonely with my miserable thoughts, exposing my vulnerability

Vulnerability because you were with me but your mind was not there

There you were in your mind, body and soul, but I wanted you here

Here, I was trying to believe just how much you love me

Me, the one you pursued and told people we were meant to be

Be my best friend, my passionate lover and my dutiful wife

Wife of mine, the one who I have decided should share my life

Life so promising in those wonderful words uttered from your lips

Lips of temptation and words of deceit issued from movie scripts

Scripts through which you seemingly poured out your heart and soul

Soul of innocence and truth replaced by a dark, empty and gaping hole

Hole so enormously fed by lust, greed and insecurities

Insecurities which fed on the love I once thought was to be

Be my knight, save me from myself and save me from you 

You, who despite warnings from friends, may need saving too

Too long we have pretended to be the perfect couple

Couple of idiots, now we have to sift through this rubble

Rubble that resulted from the crumbling walls of our love

Love with a flame that burned brightly as a message from above

Above all others, fighting against all odds, it turned quickly into murderous hate

Hate for me, growing hate for you, is the masterpiece I intend to create

Create a canvas just for you, with loads of malice and serious contempt

Contempt that will continues to build towards suicidal attempts

Attempts fueled by murderous intentions only awaiting the plan

Plan of your death and mine which must be an event so grand

Grand affair that must be done with due care and attention

So perfectly, artistically mastered that definitely must be mentioned

Mentioned daily, monthly and yearly in the local news

News of the kill of a lifetime that should be awarded 5-star reviews

Reviews of its gruesome, gory, grief-inducing details

Details will be told of these crazy, cryptic, critical tales 

Tales that would make blood drip instead of sweat from your brow

Brow-beating tale, how it ends? No one but God knows and understands how


I know what you’re going through

I know because I’ve been there too
I know what it feels like to lay in a bed only to turn in the middle of the night realizing that the reason you awoke 

It is because of the tears which rolled out of your eyes

Against your cheeks 

And down to your chin

Hitting you right on the chest 


Feeling so drenched 
Drenched in pain 

Which no one knows

Yet humble you remain

Falling back to sleep

Dreaming of that nightmare all over again
The sounds of the CO’s 

Banging on your door

It’s time for them to enter And play their roll 

Shaking the unit down 

As we are stripped and search
Stripped from your dignity and pride

No one treats us as humans 

For our stories are never really heard

Because you see 

The system is there to commit you to jail

Guilty until proven innocent is their main aim
Aiming to reach the stars

I wished so many nights

I kept telling myself that everything will be alright 
I will remain a tamed lion for a few more years until the jury and judge awaits to hear my pain as the trial I await seems longer than the usual time frame 
Framed of a crime I’ve never committed 

I sit in silence as I begin to listen

There were so many more 

Just like me

Striving for another opportunity 
Opportunity to do things right and show the judge that I am not that monster who he said I am, refraining from those who were the reason I’ve just become another statistic to the system 
A system in which people truly know nothing of

Unless of course they’ve been inside just like us. 
Us women you see 

Have been granted such a miraculous opportunity 

Some may feel deprived of society 

Others may feel unworthy 

Some bitter

Some free
Free spiritually 

That I am 

I had no choice 

It was the only book I was allowed to read

I found inner strength 

To conquer through the battles and the grief 

To motivate and accept what has been written will be

I’ve learned to love me 

Finding inner peace with my heart for allowing others to control what I gave with ease

I found beauty inside those walls

The sounds of the metal doors clinging as the CO’s scream out for me by my last name

Sometimes I am a number which forever remains

Like a social security card 

Where it follows you for life

I found joy to hear my name being called 

I brought 

Myself to stronger courage 

Releasing my pain 

While transitioning into something greater 

For us all 

By Devi Ramsaran 

Love confusion 

      As time permits and pleasure demands I sit at my most tranquil moment to type these few lines letting you know that I love you.


We were born by ourselves…We will Die by ourselves…But as we Live…being alone without a companion is not in Gods design…Isolation can be good for a time…But it also a form of cruel punishment…Reach out and hug someone close to you…Tell Them you love them…

For as often as I can I will continue to say that I love you…

If a strong emotion suddenly lights all the candles we carry inside ourselves, 

It creates an explosion or brightness that shines far beyond our normal vision and then a splendid tunnel appears,

That shows us the way that we forget when we were born and calls us, 

To recover our lost divine origin…

The soul longs to return to the place it came from, 

… Leaving the body lifeless…

And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation 

that you are my oxygen that ignites this fire within me…

I hope that this never be you but always be me and one day our love will blossom and together we will be on the same page.

Unconditional love, hard to find as equality among races

My love, everlasting, forever, understanding and compromising

His love, sudden as a light but strong as the darkness 

But as sudden as it can be turned on, sudden it can turn off. 

Keeping love, strategy is the key 

… My love, is powerful no matter what, devours the obstacles rain or shine

His love, quickly distracted by newness and temptation of the unknown 

Our Love, our mutual agreement 

My love says BE MINE FOREVER, don’t change inside 

His love says WHILE YOU’RE MINE, don’t change outside

When time fools you into a false sense of security

My love says, we have history baby, dedication and commitment

His love says, I don’t feel the same anymore, we don’t have passion

But passion lost was interest lost only to further distance….

Let’s try again? We deserve a second chance

My love, excited, refreshed, hopeful; better to try and fail than fail to try

His love, unable to put the best foot forward, can’t wait till the motions are over

Unconditional love, hard to find as equality among races.

My love and his love stuck on the same chapter but never on the same page…

What is Love? 

What is Love ?  
Love is when two souls connect as one 

When two heartbeats with the same rhythm 

Love is as pure as the natural sunlight 

Emanating through the pupils of our eyes

Love is 

To conquer the universe with your impressive mind 

Love is to reveal the hidden treasures of yesterday bringing fourth life to today

And the expectancy of tomorrow 

Love is when your soul is in search of the other half when your significant other is not around

Love is connecting through 

Hearts, soul, & touch 
Love is better felt than perceived 

By Devi Ramsaran

Rain & Roses

Rain & Roses
Petals tremble in soft misty hues

and the rain falls like tears on the roses 

once blooming

in every line 

of every sweet love poem

that chased my dreams and flowed from my pen

now etched upon my heart

…still missing you

and lingering

like tears on the roses

By Devi Ramsaran



Your breath became a sweetness,

through every moment a breeze of ecstasy.
Wafting across my cheek, anointing anxious lips,

excruciatingly long moments waltzing in three-quarter time,

your arms seemed eons away, mine unable to reach you

across a blue-haze horizon and yet that breath,

that wondrous delight hinting of sweet clover

and fields of lavender remains forever, 

embedded in my memory.

By Devi Ramsaran

BulletProof Heart


Every word you ever said,

was like a bullet to the head,

all thats left, is pain and stress,

I wish you nothing but the best,

you turned your back and walked away,

no matter what I tried to say,

I am not here just for your use,

my heart wont break, its bullet proof,

you turn around, and change your name,

try so hard to drown the pain,

nothing lost is nothing gained,

so tired of giving, I feel so drained.

so consumed by my infernal rage,

loving you was like a plague. 

By Devi Ramsaran
© 2010 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat

You are fading slowly
Into a place of non existent 
I’ve been waiting for this day to finally say 
I’ve accepted the facts and from this day forward
I will respect your decision

The restless nights you’ve given to me 
The endless tears which flows
I know that growing in this pain will only take me into a different world

A world of danger and hate
Where lying is just a “thing!”
Where flowers bloom without the use of water 
Rather it survives on chemicals created by the hands of a man
A world where confusion and resentment devours your soul 
Where bitterness and anger takes control

So I would rather be free 
Allowing you make all those decisions for me

I’m tired and frustrated 
I can’t seem to please anyone
It’s a battlefield in my mind
No one will ever know 

I speak out in anger 
I speak out in fear
But not once did I mean those hurtful words I say
Although this may hurt me in the end
Sleep I will finally know 

Us women 

To us beautiful women Cheers 
We carry weight on our shoulder 

Inside our wombs 

On our hearts 

And still we don’t know where the strength comes from 

But it does

It is because God has made women to populate the universe 

With their love, their care, their knowledge 

And the best of all 


We are all the same women carrying similar struggles and walking different paths 

Yet we all have some things in common 

And that is something which intrigued us or pained us 

We all have something to say

So let’s free our minds 

Uplift our hearts and dedicate our energy into turning those bad into good


Let it out

In ways that words can hurt ones soul

As if it was the last breath you were able to take

Let God flow through you and into those words 

Which helps us over come whatever it is of hurt

And then spread the sunshine and bring out the rainbows with a little love and laughter 
Because after every storm 

Comes the calm 

The beauty of life and the colors of the world

Talking to the walls 

Today I am your everything Tomorrow I am your whore

Few days later 

We’re arguing over a story about me in which you over heard

I wonder who am I to you that you 

You seem so very distant 

One minute I am right 

The next I am the blame

I’m tired of the constant abuse of being called names

If being with me is so bad

Then why constantly be here making me sad

Why not leave 

Turn your back and walk away 

I’m afraid now if you do stay 

Sometimes I wonder where I would have been today if I choose to never be with you 

I’m not complaining, I’m just hurt 

It’s a constant battle in my mind

What is it that I am worth ? 

We know not of what tomorrow may bring 

For today I need to know where is it that I stand? 

Am I your lady or just someone who pleasures your burning desires? 

Am I your Queen before any other? 

Am I lacking beauty within or is it the condition of my skin? 

Am I trash or dirt in the ground? 

Am I worthy of a crown? 

I know nothing because you don’t seem to speak 

And when you do 

It’s never good things to me 

You complain how much I am such a horrible woman


I still work, wash, cook and clean. 

I wonder where you will ever find another 

6 long years 

And still I can’t become your wife 

No proposal 

Not even a conversation 

About one day of being your bride 

No romantic dinners 

No casual talks

It’s only constant problems which we discuss 

I’m tired too 

But I try my best to listen 

To speak

To reason a situation 

And understand on your part

Well I myself am tired 

And need someone who can understand too

Someone who once listened to me

Cared for me

Loved me immensely 

And treated me with respect 

That someone was you

Now I’m all alone

I’m tired too 

Walking away will be a better option

Because speaking to the walls is my conclusion 

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran  
© 2017 Darshini Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

A Woman Struggles

 A Woman Struggles…
I cook, I wash, I clean 

As I am a wife 

I make love as a woman, not a child

I play with children as if I’ve had some of my very own 

I work like man, doing things many women shouldn’t 

I’m not lazy 

I enjoy intellectual conversations 

I rather be home playing with makeup, cleaning my house, watching movies, or staying in the kitchen all day

I enjoy life for whatever curve ball it throws my way

I am not perfect 

I have flaws too 

I know there are times I feel the beauty in someone and I know when I don’t 

I feel just like you do 

I hurt the same

I say things to defame your name

Because I’m angry at the things you say

I don’t want to fuss over words 

However you give me no choice 

I cry the same salty tears when I am broken in two 

I wish you’d understand how much I care and 

How much I love you 


every cell in my body
Your words have destroyed me 

Consuming my soul with regrets

And hate

You’ve pushed me far 

Beyond your imagination 

And yet you continue to test my emotions 
I guess some things are blinded by the eyes of those who can’t seem to see past their nose

They push those who love deeply into a place of non existence 

Hurting those who care for them 

Because of their own demons inside of them 
And when reality hits them in the face
A great woman as myself 

Would have walked away

Knowing her worth 
With her head held high 

Her shoulders straight 

Her face with a smile

And a heart that’s willing to challenge any dare at any pace 
She will soar above the highest mountains 

Loving stronger than ever before 
And slowly I am beginning to realize my very own worth 

A woman’s struggles 

By Darshini Devi Ramsaran 04/02
© 2017 Darshini Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

Beautiful Monster 

Ooh beautiful monster I smile as your eyes pierce through my soul 

I embrace your grasp for they know not of what I’ve ever felt before 

Devour into my sweet soul as I smile into slumber 

Rather than in tears 

Weak and brittle 

Through a dark cold grave 

Beautiful monster you put no more fear in me 

As I’ve conquered in my mind 

My own destiny 

Behind closed walls 

I allowed you to manipulate my emotions 

Letting you get the best of me

Beautiful monster 

Please for once do not be naive 

If you allow me to awake 

Please remember the sunrise brings in a new day 

And your soul will eventually fade away

Unable to attack 

So devour into my sweet soul as you wish while I drift into 

Emotion less 

Where I don’t care what tomorrow brings 

Wether I’m here or there. 

The wings of strength will continue to grow

Detaching my soul from yours 
Unfortunately for you 

It is now sunrise 

And I sit Still 

while the birds chirp 

Through my bedroom window 

I’ve survived 

The brutal nightmare 
It was all just a dream 
My beautiful monster 

I wish you were here to see how long it has taken me to over come my fears

To let go of my past

And light my own path 

I wish you knew how hard the journey was 

The battle fields which I’ve walked

I wish you knew things that can change that heart of yours

And see that one can change for the better part
But this is only a wish 

Some comes true 

And some just fades with time

I love you beautiful monster 

But you’ve ruled my soul enough 

I yearn now to escape forever from your hands which hurt
And still I manage to smile through it all

Faded monster 

Change ur ways

Or be a part of the past forever 

And remain where you belong 
Through the darkest of tunnels 

The shallowest of graves

I pray you find comfort 

Of knowing I am not the disgrace 

It was you who has turned 

And now it’s my time to run home 
Sunrise saved the day 😉

I am me 


I am meLove me 

Hate me 

Accept me

Deny me

I don’t care
 I refuse to change the woman I am to please another because that would just mean 

I wouldn’t be REAL
If you asked me 

I will tell you no lie
If you hurt me 

I will shed a few tears 

Blow some steam out

But eventually 

I get over it 
If you come at me with the constant bullshit 

Then trust

I will crush it 
If you got to know me

And end up betraying me

I will take revenge 
And in the end just know that a friend like me 

Was one of a kind

That would sacrifice my life to save yours 
So trust 

Is something so real and deep that if it’s lost 

There’s nothing that would ever bring that back

No matter years of trying to prove

That of your worth

No matter how sincere you may be this time around

I will always look at you that 1% less 


at one point betrayed is what happened to me 

So yes I sleep with one eye opened 

And it’s because of the bullshit I’ve been through once before
No one knows how far I’ve come

The things I’ve done

The places I’ve been

The things I’ve seen

The situations I’ve ended up in

The pain I’ve caused

The hearts I’ve helped

The spirits I’ve lifted

The shit I do to help others through

The hustle I find

The every day grind 

The memories I make

The mistakes I’ve made 
So when I say this

Please don’t take it the wrong way
But please I beg

Don’t fuck with my emotions 

And I won’t fuck with yours




I have flaws and so do you

I’m not perfect in your eyes

But trust there’s at least one person I know that sees no flaws in me no matter what I am or what I do and that’s the almighty 

No one knows how much I’ve cried

How hard it was for me to watch someone die 

No one understands how much I hurt

But yet 

I smile 

So before you say YOU KNOW ME



I am me 
© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)

I guess I am that blank page


 I guess I am that blank page 

I guess I am that blank page

Skipped past me ever so quickly 

The grasp of uncertainty 

The wind blew it drastically 

Turned over 

And laid face down

I am that blank page

And the reason of his frown

I wonder to myself

Where or why 

And was I all along in that creative denial 

I am that blank page

Clustered between the others

Fighting for air 


Thrown to side just like the others

I guess I am that blank page

Rejected so many times

It’s became immune to my system

And the out burst of feverish chills down my spine

No longer made me quiver 

But I thought to myself again

I am that blank page

No ink would bother to stay

As each letter that has been written 

magically disappears

I am that blank page 

He turned over 

With no cares of my feelings upon 

His broad 

strong shoulders

I guess I am 

That blank page

Who curls at the end

In hopes of the human iris to be in search 

Standing out and pleading 

For attention that is 


I still remain 

Upon the beginning of first to very last chapter 

That blank page 

Fragile heart torn 

Blank pages 


I guess I am that blank page 

No one 

ever thought of 

November 14,2015

I guess I am that Blank Page 

© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)


To those relationships that are in a struggle Please do listen 

And take into consideration 

Sometimes the simple things can be painful 

But to listen of its reasons as to why things occur 

Disagreement doesn’t mean he/she 

Doesn’t love you 

It means the growth 

Of life 

A process 

And a life filled with happiness and sad
In order to love 

We must all know what hate is

To know happy 

We must know sad

To know rain 

We will one day experience the sunshine 
As life 

We must know what is death 
The cycle of life and love 

Accept it and choose to is two different things 
We choose to love 

Or hate 


Inside my mind 

I wish that God can show you my heart and allow you to feel every beat of it 
So you can see
And feel
The love I hold so deep 
For you to have a clear understanding as to why marriage is so pure in my eyes 
And that every beat of my heart is because of you
Even when we fight 
But not everyone has a poetic mind 
As I do 
Not everyone sees through eyes of love 
Not everyone understands how to care 
I do 
I will continue to love and care for u beyond your imagination 
And pray that one day you change your mind and kneel in front of me 
With hands held out high 
Proposing to love me till eternity 
Causing me to shiver 
As my smile lights up the sky and my eyes shine through the darkest of night 
With my heart skipping beats 
Like a child jumping through puddles in the streets 
The passion inside 
My soul turns over 
Like the lashing loud sounds of thunder 
And the sun bursting through the clouded sky 
A feeling of complete satisfaction 
Finally my answer 
I’m willing to be your wonderful wife 
Through the storms and the calm 
For now I exist as is 
my mind creates 
It’s own illusions 
© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)


Lies after lies 

Lies after lies 
I hate
Wishing so badly I was her 
Then marriage in your eyes wouldn’t be a mistake
Lies after lies 
I live 
Pretending that you would propose one day 
Having hope in my heart no matter what you say 
Lies after lies 
I tell myself 
That maybe just maybe 
You would see from the angle where my mind stands 
And love with marriage isn’t just a pen in hand and a paper on a table 
Lies after lies
I tell myself that it could have been me instead of her
Had I only just
say the word
But in denial I lived 
That I could have not met your standards
Yet on a mental note 
Had I go with my heart 
Then life for us would be magical 
Never parting 
Lies after lies 
I imagine us holding hands as you vow to honor and protect 
Love and respect 
Guide and care 
For me 
Until the end of time 
Lies after lies 
And then the feeling just dissipates 
© 2015 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)



This woman 

A business woman with lots of potential and 


A mother who nourishes her children with love 

A wife of loyalty 

A sister to any and 

A best friend to many 


Marian Martins 

Written by: Devi Ramsaran

Don’t tell me you love me 


Don’t tell me you love me if you’re not sincere 

For a lie so strong can bring on a new fear 

Fear to love 

Fear to be loved

Fear to ever love again 

It can cause my fragile heart to tear, break or bend 

So when I put all of my trust deep within you 

Please don’t tell me

You love me 

Unless you truly do 💔

My heart has no Fear 



Is love, in aberration confusing
That it steals from a mind’s daily routine
And is more to blind emotion’s choosing
So only what colours the heart is seen
How might a mind full in love concentrate
On daily functions, deliberations
And how would a heart, so held, operate
Its passion losing mind’s information
Sooner would I a mind to conjecture
That all thought is constructive in effect
Yet, to love’s hold, is my mind in stricture
And I am lost to all clear thought’s select
Should I think on love with an affection
Then is love not to a heart’s connection

By: Devi 

A Thousand Shadows



Waves of disruption, a thousand shadows spun another tear ran dry,
Into the chasms of despair as here another piece of my soul again dies,
My sanctuary dwelling here in the in-between in a waterfall of emotion,
Leaving emptiness in its path where these dreams play in slow motion.

For in this realm a grasp into the past, that won’t still my hand nor heart,
As here the shadows consume, forsakes my hopelessness and sets apart,
Leaving me in the core of the past, in thy essence here in a blissful retreat, 
As here pulling together the torn heartstrings between our souls in reprieve.

This wingless ride through the years, slighted whispers bleeding from breath,
Grow more distraught between the muse, keep in the darkness leaving no rest,
Bounty of hopelessness enters the fold as the dreams escape through windows,
These shadows my emerald storms, for without them I stay in a state of limbo

By  Devi Ramsaran 

© 2015 Devi Ramsaran  (All rights reserved)

Loves flame 




Love, with passion set aflame
Burning deep from inside
Though the eyes of your love 
Let a flaming fire start
With a penetrating touch upon the flesh
Feel the steamy, sizzling kisses upon your neck
As passion consumes this moment 
In time…
To leave lingering memories 
In grasp of gasping breathes…
And mesmerizing scents of love
Sparked by a kiss, upon your lips
And the depth I seen in your eyes…
A moment in time,
My breath whisked away
Left breathless, my heart pounding
Entwined forever in my mind…
Your love turned passions ablaze
Deep inside my very being
Your touch etched upon my flesh
Burning desires 
And you walked away
Peering back at me
With a smile
As I lay upon the floor
With pleading eyes
Bathed in your love…
By burning desires

By  Devi Ramsaran 

© 2015 Devi Ramsaran  (All rights reserved)

Entangled ❤️ strings 


Entangled ❤️ Strings

Drifting Dream through time and space.
Distance keeps us apart, out of place. 
~~~ Yet ~~~
My web is spun with lovers twine.
~~~ Pulling ~~~
Reminding that you are mine.
~~~ Distance ~~~
Valley, mountains, roaring sea
Clouds of the night
~~~ Float ~~~
Between us in a starlit night.
~~~ Visions ~~~
Of us I send into your
Midnight Dream.
~~~ While ~~~
I wish upon the stars vividly seen.
Knowing you would never forget me.
~~~ Peaceful ~~~
I retreat into slumber.
No sound of thunder. 
~~~Content ~~~
My Lovers Twine
Shall keep you
~~~ Mine ~~~

pain and its facts behind it shows we have emotions and that’s something to still be grateful for 

Chin up and know you are blessed to understand the meaning of pain 

It shows your heart is as pure as the rain falling from the sky 

untouched not knowing of touch until it hits the ground 

In other words 

It’s ok to be down and sad 

It shows that we still have life 

Because we are able to have emotions 

Many aren’t so blessed 

No matter the pain 

Remember what ever you’re going through is to strengthen you 

Praying you over come this pain with a head held high 

And clasped hands to the almighty 


Optical illusions

Optical illusion

See me here,
I live a life as all do
In here an insect of life’s intuition
The threads of my eyes slowly release
I fall deep into dreams
The inner state of less confusion
From the outer state of resistance
Dwelling in the simplicity of logic
Yet poisoned by human existence
And the double vision of the conscious mind

I’d rather be a gust of wind
Moving things before me
Not having features
But become what is carried
Not having a voice
But echo what has passed
Not feeling pain
But able to give sensation

In motionless time my life evolves
I’m bound to a simple destiny
I cannot yet define in words
The threads of my face tighten
And reveal no tale
But that of which in reality is sleep
No expression can manifest the words
In my lifetime I wish to write
And no words can explain my expression

For when the soul is released
The solution can’t be resisted
But at this time all is unexplained
For I have not yet existed

© 2000 Devi Ramsaran (All rights reserved)