Love languages

Love languages

Tongue tied in emotions as I’m wrapped up in his notion

His body caressing mine as waves are made from the currants beneath

As we vibrate higher as if on Ecstasy.

Eyes connected

As we transfer passionate energy

No need to speak

Our bodies creates its own love languages

Legs entwined with one another

Arms wrapped around each other

Sweat dripping

As we gaze into each others eyes

We feel the mystical energy

A powerful beam of light

Penetrates ever so radiantly

Vibrates deep into our hearts

Sending electrical charges

Beckoning our love for each other

Refracting brilliant charges

expressed in a satin of gold heaven

As we reach the plateau

Of our love, we created a bond in a cocoon

We pledge to respect always

And to share kind words

In every waking moment

With each breath we take

Together we breathe

The air of love languages indeed

Optimistic D3Vi

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