Energy levels

Energy levels

Connect with me your creativity

As the horizon meets the skies

And the universe sings of songs with sweet rhythm

Connect to my energy level

As we speak of birth and death and the amazing journey in between

Connect with me the dots of unfortunate events which led us to where we were meant to be

For meeting you was no mistake for we have connected on levels from afar

Through telephone conversations

Bringing light through the dark

Lighting up our world inside

With laughter, fulfillment and joy

Connect with me your energy level

And let us create a master piece for you and I as the universe witness our peace of beautiful


Wrapped into the twinkle of a star for we were born again

as two hearts become one

Soul connecting energy levels

We make a remarkable team

So continue to connect with me your energy levels as I dance to our rhythm of energy level

Optimistic D3Vi

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