Speaking healing into existence

My healing process

Today, I have healed! I have healed pass the agony and betrayal of those who have claimed their love for me, healed pass the broken bones and silent shadows of disgust and misery. I have over came before and I am cover coming as I am writing. Writing is my outlet of healing and it will be the reason for my success. I can feel it beating in my throat the joy that is awaiting to explode. I feel free because I have learned and I have conquered releasing the pain, the sadness, and the stress. I have faith that is as little as a mustard seed that things will get better for me and as time progressed I begin to see positive changes around me. I’ve began to open up more and come out of my shadows of blaming myself and realizing that what has been done should have been forgiven to move forward and self heal. I’ve learned to become one with my mind and soul. I’ve learned to appreciate and love me first, before I can give love to others. In doing this, I have accomplished! I have conquered my fears of rejection and accepted that whether or not I am perfection in anyone’s eyes it doesn’t truly matter, because I love me and once I pour into me everything will flow with Gods grace if it was meant to be. I have battled storms and given up but through it I somehow always managed to pull myself up and face the battle straight on. I’ve managed to stop running away from problems and challenge it at that moment, letting it not carry through for the next day, holding no grudges and having no regrets and so with faith I continued to pray. I believed that God would help me find a way to get through the tough moments and so I saw it, I felt it, and I experienced it, that was a way of showing me to stand my own and be true to my word. I’ve paved paths and gotten side tracked yet, I have managed to restore what has been lost.

I carried hate for so long and I had to release my negative energy, so I found ways to learn to love again and revive my soul from the enemy. I didn’t love myself and so looking in the mirror was scary, not until I found my peace and tranquillity was I able to embrace life’s beauty. I had anger built up inside, draining my mind and filling up my soul with resentment against love, suicidal thoughts entered my brains, regrets of relationships and neglected myself, but I managed to let go and let God fix this mess. I kneeled with head bowed, and shoulders slumped, giving my all as I poured out, tears of pain, turned into tears of joy as I was alive once again. I saved myself because I believed and I walked with faith and not by sight. I believed that my spiritual journey began in its perfect time. I did hit rock bottom, but I survived and I thank my higher power each and every day for saving my life. I’ve been healed by the power of my voice, I spoke it into existence and believed that positivity brings fourth life.

Optimistic D3Vi

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