Forgive yourself first

Starve your distractions by

Feeding your focus and begin pouring into yourself

regaining that inner strength

Forgive yourself before you can forgive anyone else

Letting go isn’t weakness

Do NOT blame yourself for the way someone treats you

Honor yourself and know your worth

Live only to your standards or demands and none else

Before you can heal past the hurt you must forgive you first

and victory will be yours

For the past was just a lesson learned

Teaching us all to appreciate and value our lives, appreciate the beauty of being able to love, appreciate the pain and aggravation, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of everything and start fresh with a clear conscience

Because in order to know life we must know death, in order to love we must feel hate, in order to appreciate sunshine we must get wet in the rain, and etc…

The journey is what we should be thankful for no matter how hard it was

Everything teaches us to appreciate the value of life, and everything in between until death knocks upon our doors

It is all a process of living

Optimistic D3Vi

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