Not a thank you for all that I do

Not a hug nor a kiss

Not a card with sweet words in it

Nothing was expected but gratitude for all that I do

Our conversations became about

work and paying the bills, the workers and their madness, my past life and who was in it.

Our conversations are never about making things better for a change

It’s always the same complains

I’m stuck in the middle

Fed up and afraid

I’m tired of always living this way

I feel more like a slave than a daughter, sister, or lover

Trapped between enemies of both sides of the families

I keep silent but my voice inside is trying to shout out

I need help

Help to heal me from this pain of self doubt and continuous anger

I need someone to hug me and say thank you for the little things you do

To hear that I love you sincerely with a voice of a vision so rare

Illuminate my soul with laughter

Rather than continuously pointing fingers and making demands

I need joy, peace and less agony

I need to free my spirit and regain my positive mentality

Optimistic D3Vi

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