Listen here my guy

Listen here my guy

Listen here my guy

I am not your toy to be played with

I am not to be Yelled at or be embarrassed

I am your lady

There’s no if and why or maybe

Treat me as such for walking away will be a must for me

Understand that I am a woman with no demands because I hold my own and carry my burden by myself

I adjust to my surroundings and sleep with one eye always opened

No matter where my feet lands

I will be in command of my being and succeed in whatever way to my own understanding

Listen here my guy

Being with me is pretty easy

If I told you I don’t like something please don’t persist and get all demanding

If I asked you to respect me it’s because I was respected all my life by many

And that

sorry is just a sorry word on repeat

While your actions has proven oppositely

Listen here my guy

I am in this relationship with hopes of one day being your wife

And having a family of our own with four walls and a roof over our head to call home

I love games but I don’t like pretend

Playing house boyfriend/ girlfriend with plastic dolls as our children

when you accuse me of cheating on you dear

Think twice because I’m not in this for a momentarily ride

I want a lifetime of memories with you side by side

Through the good and the bad

Happiness or sad

Poverty or riches

Starving or full

I want all the emotions of battleships and success

Together with you

Hand in hand

Listen here my guy

I’ve had so many reasons to walk away

Not once

Not twice but many many times

Yet I stayed

And in replace

You drained my energy

Fed me negativity

By bringing up the past each day

As if I’m stuck on the wall since the last four years

Way back when my nephew did you wrong

Just remember I had nothing to do with that

So when you hurt me over and over again with your distasteful words

Remember I’m the one in the middle who is suffering

Remember I have also been hurt

not just by my nephew doing what he did

But also by the words in which you spoke

They were like daggers aiming straight to the heart inflicting my soul with pain

Shattering what love was in my mind as forever I shall remain clueless to where you want to be in my life

Listen here my guy

Please make up your mind

Wether you will carry this hate and torture me with words never to marry me or give me a family of my own

Will you try to heal the past

Get through the hurt?

Will you Forgive and move forward?

Will you walk away forever?

I am still here waiting for things to change

But nothing will

Unless we aim and make the first move at figuring out where we deserve to be

Should we carry grudges and blame or forgive, heal and win?

Listen here my guy

My clock is ticking

And time waits for none

Please make a decision

As you’ve heard my reasons

Of me being the middle one

Taking the hurt while fingers are pointing my way

Yet I stand in questions of our love and faith for each other

Awaiting daily for that honest answer

Listen here my guy

I await your response

Optimistic D3Vi

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