Comparing the past realizing the hurt

So many levels

So many questions

So many reasons to understand that life is what it was meant to be

And only us humans can change our destiny

Sometimes we speak for others to listen but mostly we seek for healing

Speaking of things as we all compare of

our uncertain circumstances

Knowing that the answers are buried deep within us

We will always have a solution

Verbally communicating with others who are going through the similar situations can heal us as we realize that the past has a lot of demons

From childhood to adults we carry through that pain trying to hide those emotions and when everything builds up it eventually resurfaces

Only to face the truthful pain

We battle emotions of neglect, disrespect, verbal or physical violence

Life is a circle and what happens is that we must face the challenges head strong and face forward to heal past the hurt and begin to grow.

Optimistic D3Vi

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