Cluttered minds catastrophe

Cluttered minds


No matter how hard I try to escape my mental challenges it still brings me back to the verbal damages

Constantly replaying in my mind

The words you spoke after years of knowing me

It took you eight years to say how you truly feel

And all along when things went right

I had no clue as to the emotions you were battling inside

I wish I knew a long time ago

Then maybe I wouldn’t feel so very low

About my character

Although your thoughts about me isn’t true

It’s your opinion

Still I can’t seem to understand why it bothers me

Because I know I’m a great woman

Indeed I’ve made mistakes and that which I’ve accepted

We’re humans and its bound to happen

But with you everything has to be perfection

And for me

I can’t be that woman who starts pretending

That I can flow with the winds direction

I’m trying my best to make it right but constantly bringing up the past won’t fix the issues we have

Getting past and pushing forward is the only solution to this insane verbal communication

Optimistic D3Vi

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