Why do you invade my mind in the deepest darkest hours of the night?

Why do I allow you to control my sanctum when I look to you for simple guidance?

Why do I allow this insane manipulation when I am making real life decisions?

Questions I keep asking myself

Not knowing how else could I cope

To whom else will I vent?

Tales that are untold

Mysteries unfolds for the eyes of those who feels the pain buried deep within

When they begin soul searching

Why do I allow you to convince me that my character is disgusting? Is it because I have low self esteem and you’ve found a way to diminish me?

Why do I allow your verbal abuse? Have you ever thought that I’ve been through this before and I’m stronger now to just listen and endure?

Why do you think so low of me? Have I not given you my heart freely?

Why do I tremble when you speak? It is because your voice has made me feel and your words have conquered my soul, leaving that bitter sour

deep down inside

And a part of me wishes to curl up and die

Why do I allow you to walk over me with words? That is because you have never been loved before and mistakes will be made that is true but understand that your actions cannot constantly be forever forgiven

And true love isn’t a match made in heaven

It’s learning to grow, adapt and achieve together as one

It’s not yours nor mine

It’s “our” mission

Why do I allow you to do the things you do and say the way you feel? It is because my love was strong and my faith in “us” is real

Optimistic D3Vi

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