Monstrous love

Please don’t birth in me what you wish not to see

For I have only existed in your life as a tool of service when in need

For days at a time

I have cried

And you’d turn your face and hide

Nothing changes

Just words becoming more bitter and hearts more heavy

Mind cluttered from the distinct


Reasoning with you is like an

Endless agony

Please don’t birth in me what you wish never to exist

For each time I crumble and break down in disgust

I will carry less weights on my shoulder and in prayer I must walk on even stronger

Abandoning the love with which I once entrusted in you

Seeking refuge in Gods light and having faith to see me through

Please don’t birth the devil inside

For I was once humble and polite

And things can change

For better or worse

But once a damaged property

Nothing will ever work

Please don’t birth the pain in me

For I can turn

against that honesty

And you will regret

Because I know who I was

Indeed a change

is a must

Wether for good or for bad

Each side had its chance

At making amends

Letting go is not just for show

It’s deep and dark releasing its part

Please don’t ever birth in me that monstrous love for a broken heart is what made us part

Optimistic D3Vi

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