What was the start of the fight as a mind goes blank under the starlight. Drifted thoughts…

After years of listening, coping and dealing

I became the trash that’s taken out at midnight

Disposing my innocence together with my emotions

Mixed signals

As similar to traffic lights

Confused as

One side is blinking while

The other is blank


Two sides to a book

That is

Front and back

Words adding heavy weights on the soul

Like painful categories

Luring the brain to focus on the the title

Leading with full control

Pleading insanity

Desiring for ones mind to seek focus

On that which has been written

Words of deep and dark, Dreary visions

Mental predictions deep within

Burning Sensation flowing beneath the skin

As the vessels within me began opening

Creating illusions of what my eyes are reading

Broken in disgust

My character chained

Shackles on my feet

And corruption in the brain

Distancing myself from the universe as I seek refuge from the things which hurts

While sitting under blankets of stars

Alone under the skies light

As I thought and questioned

what was the reason in the starting of this fight

Optimistic D3Vi

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