Rebuilding on new foundations

Breaking to rebuild on new foundations

You’ve broken my heart with daggers from the words you speak which flows from the lips which had once kissed me

You’ve shattered my dreams of becoming successful with your threats of calling in immigration and the US Marshall’s

You’ve destroyed my soul with your distasteful words

Cluttered my mind with negativity and ripped apart my pride and dignity

But today I will rebuild what you have torn down

That is my womanhood

My womb must heal past the hurt

My mentality will change for the better

And you will be a memory filled of emotional disasters

I will rebuild on new foundations

That is my character in which I will fight for

Proving my destination is greater than what you foresee for me in the near future

You have claimed my prize possession taking my heart and throwing it back without


You dug deep and hit me where it hurts

Using my past to relive that hurt

You birthed in me the beautiful monster you see

And pointed fingers, telling lies and verbally abused me

I will rebuild and it will be stronger this time

I refuse to allow your negative energy bring me down with time

I am ever more stronger than before

From the degrading words you spoke

About me

I will now carry myself with my head held high holding on to my pride and privacy

Keeping in the silence of steady progress

As my success shines brighter within me

I will rebuild from the gutters to the skies

I will climb to the highest mountains and speak only to the wise

I will rise

Optimistic D3Vi

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