Words are like daggers

You hope that I suffer for the rest of my life

I understand now


Words spoken in anger and hurt can cause destruction in the hearts and mind of anyone it’s intended towards

I felt those daggers

Digging deep

From inside

Pushing its way through to the surface

For the world to see the confusion on my face and

The corruption on my soul

It clearly shows

I am broken by your words

You hope that I suffer for the rest of my life

Because I was busy working and providing, cooking and cleaning to make everything feel right

Trying to keep my composure

With my head held high

And because I did not have much time

You wished me bad

You spoke with the tongue of a doubled edged sword

Inflicting pain inside my womb

Causing my anger to grow

Those words I would never have wished upon you

Are the words you pray for me to feel

My endurance levels aren’t the same as when we first met

Little things say or do continue to get under my skin

But those words was just the icing on the cake

Making me now regret the times which we’ve once shared

I am broken by your words

And there isn’t anything that will change the way I feel

Not time, not money, not apology’s, not a birth of new beginnings

But the one thing that will make me a better individual is to refrain from the one thing that hurts me most

And that is your words

Keeping you at a distance

And putting myself first in all equations

Optimistic D3Vi

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