Carry me lord

Carry me through

Lord Jesus

I pray

For my cheeks are stained with the blood that came from the tears which I have cried

From the eyes that see


Yet in society I am still denied

Denied the rights of a being human

Speaking the truth of our being into the reason of our existence

Carry me lord

From the troubles I am faced with

For only you I trust

With my tears stained face

Because the human flesh has already sinned

And it will continue to occur from the beginning of time until the end

Carry me lord

From the brutal pain

Of society’s labels on the mental and disabled

From the torture of the wooden sticks and

The metal bars which surrounds my brain

Capturing my state of mind

Carry me to a place where I can find my sanity again

Carry me lord

into the motions of the waves

Let me drift away into the depths of the ocean

As the sunsets on a beautiful Sunday evening

Carry me lord for my trust is only with you

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