Twisted thoughts

Twisted thoughts

Collective objects

Sharp instruments that can cut though the veins smoothly

leaving no traces of ridged edges

I know now that the

Doctors won’t be able to find the actual incisions unless it bleeds through and the blood surfaces to the top of my skin

That is the only way they will know that I’ve sliced through my veins

As I sit near the window sill

Looking out I see

The vultures of deep black


The sign of death drawing near

The sun dims as the moon shadows over

Thunder and lightning yet no sign of rain heading near


Twisted thoughts enters my head

If I pierced through just a little more

I can implode the vein causing me to bleed out

Leaving my body dried out as if someone sucked the life out of my lungs

And ripped out my beating heart

I imagine

How would the coroner write their report

Would it be suicide or just another victim to a brutal attack of

Twisted thoughts

Implicated by another individual

Would the news report on television state that “a young woman who was filled with such love by others committed suicide because she was still not happy?”

Or would the title on the front page leave everyone worrying because they believe that someone like me who enjoys life so much was brutally attacked in her own home?

I wonder sometimes if I did commit suicide,

What would the world believe and the ones who knows me

How would they look at the frontlines of the newspaper while they sip on their morning coffee?

I wonder what would they feel?

As I sit

With twisted thoughts of dismembering my body parts because I am fed up of life that which I was never happy at all

Pleasing others before myself

Taking into consideration of other individuals and their feelings

I forgot myself

And now that I am far gone

I live on with twisted thoughts 💭

To be continued…

Title given by; Gary B.

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️🙏

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