Forced to kill by the devils whisper in my ear

The devil whispers in my ear

Forced to live and escape mentally my being

To rule over the lifeless body which sits in front of me while I held that scalpel in my right hand

All sorts of thoughts ran through my head

Invading the tiny space of sanity of which I had left

I am forced to make a decision quickly

Soon the cops will

Flood this facility

and the thoughts remain the same

“Should I let his lifeless body bleed out slowly or should I rip through his body again and again until I’m certain that he is dead?”

Time ticking as the first instinct I came up with

Rip through as that body turns blue, and pale

Knowing I’ve drained every drop of blood out of his disgusting veins

I’m satisfied now

He won’t ever get to touch any other little girl again


He wouldn’t be alive to penetrate his penis inside a twelve year old child

I am forced to stop him now while I can

the devils whispers in my ear

Take the life of those who don’t deserve

Your wish

my command

Written by

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️🙏

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