Dark lights

Dark Lights

Walking along the sidewalk as the sun beams upon my skin and the hair strands stands on my forearm

Eyes closed hiding from the sunlight as darkness consumes my soul

Doors to a dark tunnel as the color changes from bright yellows to red and orange to deep black

hiding the lights to my heart

I hear the sounds as I walked further allowing the darkness to take me deeper to the sounds of water dripping from the ceiling

It’s the waves I hear

They all come

Crashing in

Down memory lane

From light to darkness

I enter the only room which was forgotten long ago

Years of the brutal attack when pain snatched all I had

It wasn’t the water in the ceiling

It was the blood clots from the deep cuts through my brain

As darkness over powers the light which was once alive in my soul

The rippling effect that it leaves

As the dark lights rule over my life

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️🙏

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