Darkness in the Asylum

Darkness in the Asylum 

Walls closing in 

Visions of things 

Mind boggled, thoughts are lost

My feet began wandering 

Eyes open; yet blind

The darkness and invasion luring me in

My privacy stolen from me 

The hallways that hears my screams 

Needle after needle piercing through my skin

Hair rapidly falling from my head 

As if shaved with an invisible razor on a thread slowing pulling with vicious force 

Face drooped, skin hanging, caused from deprivation of food 

Body bruised from the constant beating 

Wrists with lined imprints of the shackles which locked me away 

Punished for my eyes playing tricks on me 

Medications forcefully injected in my veins 

My body shivers and in constant pain 

as tears streams down my face, while I write this scribe and lower my head in disgust of the person I’ve become 

Institutionalized because I see things which are not always there! Is it my fault that the darkness is closing me in? 

To be continued…

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️🙏

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