Sometimes I try

Sometimes I try

Sometimes I try to please everyone around me

And in the process I lose myself and a little of my sanity

Running around in circles

Answering one question after another

Trying to cope

Giving the best advice I could of

Listening when others need an ear

Thinking of solutions

Helping those to conquer their fears

But when my advice goes down the drain

Into a gutter with disgusting remains

I feel used

Washed up and confused

Verbally abused

No matter how hard I try

I fail

And I still know not of why

It isn’t because of me

For my advice is given freely

And those who don’t take heed

Then the challenge you will face


Sometimes I try

To help those who needs the advice

And when all has been said and done

I become

The bad one

But that’s okay

Because I have tried

Although I have failed in their eyes

At least I have tried

It isn’t my fault

Although I blame me sometimes

My mouth and my honesty gets the best of me

Causing me to lose control of my emotions and giving advice based on my past experience

Sometimes I try just too much and it comes a time

When enough is enough

Optimistic Devi ❤️ ✍️ 🙏

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