No matter what people say

No matter how they feel

I got you and you got me

No matter how hurtful your words may be at times

I know your actions speaks louder them

I may not get much time with you through the day

But I think of you through mines and ways to fix things when we fight

Times is hard and things happen

We all make mistakes and some can never be forgotten

So with this said

I’m willing to fight

Fixing things the best that I can and making things right

Because you’ve always lead me straight and gave me great advice

to keep my words to myself, sometimes

Or you would give me all the reasons to write

I love that you encourage me to pursue my goals

Taking my education to higher levels

Writing and sharing my journey of life

Leaving my words as inspiration

for the future child and the many more people in this world

Leaving behind a legacy

Written facts and situations in the lives of many

Some are struggles and some are smooth

You give me titles for each poem and I thank you for each day you give me encouragement

I love you Vic

Although at times your words hurts my soul at least you apologize

And when I forgive

We make beautiful memories

Because each fight makes us stronger

8 years in counting and we’re still able to finish each other sentences at times

So there is something that is right

And if we continue to see eye to eye

Then our journey will be a gorgeous sight

Optimistic Devi 🌹

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