Time wasted

Nothing irks my nerves than time wasted and nothing gained

I understand that not everyone has time to respond to a message or a call all the time

But if you say you will do as you say

Let your words not go down in vain

Rather be stern and mean what you say

Do as you speak because actions speaks louder than words and God only knows what that is worth

Because lately

No one believes in respect

To respond to a message or the phone call of a friend

No one understands that it means the world to someone for the time from someone else

No one will know how much it hurts to stay awake and wait for that text or


And yet


No one

Not even a single word out of respect for the time you have made me wasted

But you have the time

To send me a message the day after

Many Hours later

That you’re sorry

Yet sorry still doesn’t cut it

And my time has already been wasted

So why try to fix things now?

Why waste more time in arguing

or speaking of the same thing twice?

I know my worth and I’m glad I just over looked the anger which I held

Because I may have said so many things I might have regret

Nothing hurts than my time being wasted


Devi Optimistic 🌹

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