You will heal

You will heal

You will heal, yes you will

I know this for sure

I’ve been down that road before

You will heal past the lies

The broken promises and the disguise

You will heal

After the death that occurred

Knowing that your grandfather is watching over you

You will heal after the hurtful words, the betrayal and the truth of those who tells you as a warning signal

You will heal although you are weak at the moment

You will heal that torn heart and that soul of yours which was ripped right out leaving your body lifeless and aching

You will heal as you listen and you will eventually lead others of your understandings which you have also learned

You will heal past your hurt and teach those who are how to overcome and grow

You will heal because God is guiding you, friends are telling you, everyone cares for you

You will heal

You will heal even if it takes a lifetime of dedication and motivation to get you to where you belong

You will past all those who did you wrong!

You will heal through the arguments and others negative opinions as you are stronger than you think, and what I can ever imagine

You will heal

You will heal and once you do

You will empower and you will embrace many of those who once went through similar or worse than what you did

You will guide and you will protect and you be healed just as I did

You will heal as you write, you will let go of the wrongs and focus on what’s right

You will heal just as many has been broken before, just as I did and a lot who you don’t know of

You will heal, take your time to be YOU, learn to love yourself, and life will be worth the hidden blessings

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️🙏

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