I can’t believe I’m trapped

Trapped between two double edged swords;the voices of a father and son

Two different opinions yet one thing in common

They both reckon that I am a rebel

Trapped between lies and to my surprise my man has not yet decided wether he should stay or should he go to meet with his father or not

I’m trapped between two hard headed men who are stuck in their own path allowing forces to draw them apart so that they will never see eye to eye

Or in one direction togetherness

I am trapped inside my pain and the anger which grew each day as I was the blame for many things

I am trapped inside these walls which listens and talks

I am trapped in between a father and son

Who clearly has no reason of working things out

With hasty decisions can lead to a lifetime of failure

As the Bible states

“thou shalt honor thy parents, and your days will be blessed on earth”

We shall lead by example of this quote

However with a stubborn father and a trying son it will never work

as it’s been written in the book of instructions before leaving earth

Some do follow this concept and it naturally works and some who don’t still survive because even some Parents have disowned their child

I am trapped between the love for a man whose family hates me and wished nothing but death as my fate

I am trapped inside a dark tunnel with no escape

Only enough room to breathe through a tiny hole, silver metal container

Trapped in the echo of my breath

The sound in my mind

And the painful things which have occurred in my past life

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️🙏

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