The drug that brought him closer to God

From drugs to God

Turning lives around

Just the other day I remembered those stories of you telling me

How drugs destroyed your sanity and choosing the wrong woman caused you to loose everything

You told me of things before and upon and even after marrying your wife

She was your drug which destroyed your life

Now today you sit with thoughts in your head

Listening to the corruption of the words which were said

Dreading nothing because God has held your head and has carried you through the storm and calm you will remain because He has given you strength to move forward

One step in front another as you lead and preach and teach wisdom to those less fortunate

Your drug that destroyed you and made you stronger

Was your wife and no other

You will be healed and God will provide

Just trust on in his guiding light 💡

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️🙏

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