What incantation do you have me under

Just as I forget about you

I begin to remember

As the night slowly creeps in, while the world is asleep

You invade my mind and memories are revealed

I begin to wonder and ponder of all the could of, would of, should of and know that time has passed to make things work but yet it hurts me each time I see your face at the store

It breaks my heart that we became friends then lovers now we act as if we are strangers

It gets lonely in my head at nights without you

Sometimes the pain hurts so much that my wishes of being dead were only because I wouldn’t have the need to feel

Your sorcery has gotten the best of me

I hate you and still I love the few times you’ve made me feel loved and cared for

I know I have to let go and this is a must

I understand we’re both hurting

But understand me that there’s no trust

You have failed me one too many times and I just don’t have the energy to pretend and live on with lies

I trust nothing you speak, even the love which you claimed you have for me

You’re mouth was reckless and everything that went wrong was my fault or was about what I did

I won’t be around so there’s none to be blamed

I hope you understand

So that you won’t make the same mistake again

Wether another woman or your wife

You won’t do things without thinking twice

Sometimes I think

You have me under a spell

As much as I want to walk away

Something draws me back

And it’s that love I trusted and the words of your promises which made me believe that this relationship was the best thing that happened to me

But then moments after when people are around

I try my best to cope and pretend you don’t exist

Letting other things occupy my mind

The incantation only occurs at night

When I missed being enclosed in your arms and waking up next to your breath is the only time in which I miss you and love you and wish you were near

I say that I am being held captive during those moments

Because only then is when you creep into my thoughts

But with time I will break free from

The captive sorcery

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️🙏

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