Bury my pain

Bury my pain

I found an old treasure box 📦that I hid years ago

just the other day

And on it written

Open if you dare

As I continued to tackle with the lock

Forgetting the password

I was stuck

So I decided to pry it open

With a hammer and a crowbar


it’s opened after so long

Opening the secrets of my painful journey and why my experiences has changed me

Old written poetry

About the past rape, which turned my life around since that day

From cutting school and running into the wrong guys, running away from family and friends and hiding myself from the world

I was in denial

I was ashamed of everything

It’s was not my fault

But yet I blamed myself!

Cutting my arms to believe I am still alive

As I watched the blood flow from my veins and the tears rolled out my eyes

Still no pain I felt

Than the one that’s buried deep inside

I thought that day I buried my pain

But yet again

I was just in hiding

As I opened this box

I relive my hurt

Bringing back the past

Seems much more worse

But it’s time to move forward and facing the facts

What has happened cannot be undone

No man can change the hands of time

The clock keeps ticking and my heart is still frozen

And the memories still hurt but I will be fine

I will heal past the hurt and the horrific nightmares of my past

I will move forward and I will be alright

I will burn those poems and bury that box 📦 for healing, I must!

Optimistic Devi 📦❤️✍️

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