Change is imminent

I see your hurt and I understand your pain

I know what you’re going through

I’ve been through the same

Lies and betrayal

Sometimes we think we know the person we’re with

However as time progress

People do change

Some for the better

Some for worse

The question is

If you stayed in it

Do you know that you will continue to hurt?

You’re my best friend and little sister

I love you dearly

And although he’s like my brother

I will look out for your best interest first

Put you as a priority in my life

Because I know what you’re worth

You’re a priceless Gem

A diamond that twinkles in the sky

The stars that shine at night

And the most loyalest of friends

From the beginning until the end

You deserve someone who will love you unconditionally

Flaws and all

Someone to show you the world with your eyes closed

So your heart can feel the depth of its beauty

Someone to guide, protect and honor you with respect, and loyalty

Someone who is proud to walk with you by their side

Someone who can comfort you in the most needed of times

You deserve the best and to see you settle for less

It breaks my heart so much

I see me in you in the past

I know what you’re going through

Trust me, I’ve been there too

Although you’re aching so very much

I promise no matter how hard the journey is, I will be by your side.

Drunk conversations, long hours at a time

Doesn’t matter wether day or night

I will be here when you call

As a friend and older sister

I beg you not to fall!

Do not fall into allurement

Do not let your guards down

You do not need a man who controls your inner emotions

You control your own

And you can stand up for your worth

Value who you are

A beautiful earthly angel who all she meets, she’s adored by

Do not let the sweet words from his lips find it’s way into your heart

You’re doing great sis

And proud of you I indeed am

Stay focused and motivated as you are

Time is ticking as it waits for none

Look into a mirror and admire who you are

Beauty irradiates from deep within

Soul search and find you

Before you can love again

Take time to understand you

Change is imminent

Optimistic Devi ❤️

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