Living with endometriosis is a horrible experience that I wish no female to ever have to go through

It is hard to understand a disease which has an unknown reason for occurring

I hope you all enjoy 😉 this poem ✍️

God bless 🙏


Thick clots

Body weak

Loss of appetite

Loss of sleep

My stomach feels as if something inside clawing my inner walls down

I began to get Paranoid

The pains ugh 😑, it’s Excruciating 😖

Standing on my feet for hours makes it even more hard

The blood just flows and soaks up several pads

in just one hour

The thick jelly like flubber coated bright and dark red

With tiny speckles of air bubbles on top

The smell of blood… yuck 🤢

Yes all women has experienced this

It’s our time of the month

The difference is that I am in pain three times a year, sometimes once

But the pain is so much worse than most will ever know

I form clots the size of my fists and the Doctors only remedy for relief is, pills.

It’s hard to believe that I have endometriosis

An underlying disease which is an unknown cause

Sometimes I wonder what in the world is going on with my body

I wish there was a way to fix me

I can’t stand this battle and this pain

It hurts like hell

I’m going insane

I’ll take the meds for now

But I want the Doctors to make it STOP!

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