Split personality

Split personality

You lie to me but you’re honest with everyone that surrounds me

You love me one minute and speak words of hate the next

You tell me to get motivated but you destroy me every time I pick myself up

You complain to many people all the time about the things which I did wrong and your ex did right

You compare me to the past which caused you so much pain at one point in your life

You have me and also have a wife

If this is destiny with you for the rest of my life then what happens if one day you want to make me your bride and my answer was no, because you failed me as a girlfriend and you made me wait on the sideline while you and your friends had more time together

You leave me at home to go hang out with your boys

While I stayed home with your mother

You complained that I nag and I have no trust

Do you ever stop to think of why? It is because you have given me many reasons not to believe you

You speak one thing and then do another

How is it I am always correcting you as if I was your mother

This isn’t the person I fell in love with

And it breaks my heart to say this

But I guess time has passed and enough is enough

I rather be alone and miserable than with you and knowing that I make you unhappy

It is everything I do

You say it makes no sense

But in my world it does

Because I am my own individual

And my thoughts, opinions and emotions are just as valid as yours too

The difference is that I don’t degrade your potential, your capabilities, your name, nor do I degrade your intelligence

You have verbally abused me with the words from your lips

You have called me names which made me sick

You have lied and looked me in the eyes and when you were caught you still denied me the right to know the truth behind closed doors

You have said horrible things to my friends people who’s loyalty stands with me that the truth comes out in the end

I am loved by many and I refuse to sit back and let you rule over me

Women weren’t born to be walked on

They were placed in this world to love and marry and reproduce

We are the reason for this civilization which we live in today

And I will be damned if I allow this brutality to remain silent

I speak in words of confidence that I will strengthen me

The first step in starting

Is to remove you from my life

Letting go and pushing past that strife

Moving forward with no regrets

And deciding who I should or shouldn’t neglect

Change is imminent

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