To the lifeless child that wanders the streets

A meal out of the garbage

No shoes on her feet

Mind broken and incomplete

As she wanders the streets of the brutal


Tummy aches and grumbling sensations, blurred vision and painful emotions

Her tears,

she tries to dry, with her dirty pink sleeves, knees bended, head bowed, the urge to vomit the garbage she had just consumed. She exhales. She pouts. She’s lost and wishes to be found.

To the lifeless child in the streets

I hear you

I see


I hope

You hear the words which I speak

You will accomplish, you will shine, you will

Become extravagant and successful, magnificent and beautiful.

You must first believe

Then follow the steps to a beautiful destiny

Enjoy and embrace the journey

As by your side I will remain.

Your life and name, your love, loyalty, and fame, your generosity and dedication will leave a legacy for not only a nation but the world and not only for one era but for generations one after another

So be still and patient

Speak less

Observe and listen

Use time to learn and adapt in any situation

Stay humble and loyal

And life will unfold remarkable visions of of each process to success

But you must stay in position and be persistent

Follow your goals and make your path. Challenging journeys leads to productive destinations!

Have faith and push aside your illusions of suicidal thoughts allow me to help with a

propitious start.

An opportunity only comes once in a lifetime. Knock on the door and God shall answer your calls

I stand before you to bring life back to your broken soul with wisdom and love care and understanding.

To the lifeless child who sits waiting as someone has disowned them I am someone who has lost my child trough a tragic experience.

One soul saved is a blessing in disguise

We are all here to cross paths with others who are in worse situations than we are. To acknowledge and sympathize. To endure and ensure that pain subsides with time.

As one hand washes another, as with time heals all wounds.

It is bound to work together as unity till infinity and never diversity as long as trust is built then relationships bloom.

Optimistic Devi 🌹😘❤️

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