I hate him!

I hate him with a passion of death

The desire of smells

Blood like

Thick and red

Clots hanging out the corners of his head

I hate him!

He makes my stomach turn

My body burn

My head hurt

And leaves my soul suffocated in the dirt

I hate him!

I cringe at the sound of his voice

It’s in my head

I can’t stop the noise

I hate him!

Like the caged bird I am now

He captured me

Cut down my wings

And stole me away from my serenity

He took my heart and tore it apart

and called me the most horrible

Names in the dictionary

And this man thinks I would say yes to get married!

I hate him!

I hate him for destroying my life, damaging my pride, making me weak, taking advantage of me!

I hate him for the fingers which he points,

the words that he speaks, the truth between the lies, the blame that’s on me, I hate him!

I hate that games that he plays, the words of love I never got to hear, the anger which he showed

I hate him so!

I hate the name calling and the financial abuse

The times I spent hours to work my fingers to the bones

And he took my money and spent it on whores.

I hate him!

I hate walking through the doors after a hard day of work and have to be abused with words of hate and bitterness from the lips of a man who wishes me bad

I hate him!

I hate him and I hate that I forgave him

I’ve healed past that hate

I’ve removed myself for the obstacles which I once faced

I forgave

The hardest thing an individual has to do when love has been burnt

Is to forgive that hate and move forward

Optimistic Devi ❤️😘✍️

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