Find and free to be me

I find peace in knowing that my writings have set me free

Free from bondage, and hands which hurt

Free from discomfort and excruciating pains in the soul

I find peace in the sounds of the birds chirping at my windowsill

The smell of summer BBQ, freshly cut grass and cold Coronas on a Sunday afternoon,

Relaxing and meditating

On the beauty which unfolds

I am free to choose the directions in which I must go

I am Free to let the past remain and live only for today in hopes of a better tomorrow.

Free of all uncertainty

Love, peace, and destiny

I have found Hope!

I find joy in intelligence, in education and wisdom from the old.

I find myself through this mystical mystery dream as I let go of the hurt.

I am free to create beautiful memories.

I am free

To share my past pain experiences and joys which slowly unfolds

Creating the image of a woman which stands before you, highly motivated, great ambition, heart as gold, great potentials, loyal and dedicated.

I find peace in simplicity

I am

Free to be the woman I am meant to be!

Optimistic Devi 🌹😘❤️

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