Contentious Heart ♥️


Beating heart ♥️ fighting battles

Questions and war zones of emotions

As we collaborate on master pieces

Words written eloquently

Your desires, my needs

You inquire, my question

You believed, my beliefs

A battle of emotions

Contentious Heart ♥️

I am exhausted at this debate

But I am a warrior

Yes, I stand still and I will

Battle those grounds and I will do it brave

I will fight this battle

No matter what I must face, no matter what it takes

I am given the opportunity to remove obscurity out my lists of categories.

Contentious Heart ♥️

I bleed, but I heal

I fight to remain in tacked


I won’t give up until

My last breath

I refuse to denounce myself

So I will continue to applaud this battle

Contentious Heart ♥️

The fighting heart

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