Wire tap

Invasion of my conversations

But not just that

You snatch my mind as you invaded my space

Reading my writings

And getting lost in my thoughts

You dared to rewrite my destiny

And let me tell you what a failure that would be

My journey is for me

So look as you will

Inquire deep within

And you will see that it is not I who am lacking

You invade my space, you read my mind, and with that information you can destroy my life!

So what I share or I discuss

It is my business and not yours

So seek what you wish to find and you will see that it is me

A broken hearted, loving human, who seeks for love and loyalty

Seek so you know that I hide nothing because my mind is like a chess game

The Queen 👸 protects her King 👑

And my King is my destiny

I take pride in “ME”

I hold those keys 🔑

You have that lock

And trust you can continue to wire tap

Failure knocks on your doors

For seeking and invading my privacy

Rather I hope you shed a few tears or so

Because In my writings only then will you


The woman I am is not what you imagine

I am worth far more beyond your worthless imagination

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