🌹Mystical Rose 🥀

🌹Mystical Rose 🥀

Withered away

As sunlight turns to dark

As clouds became black

As stars shine on the dark

A blanket of love

As lights lit the path

And visions became reality

Ahead of time we see the future and still we have no remedy

No cure for disasters

As mystical roses are destined to be destroyed

We humans are

Entwined with abilities and qualities

With lust and love

Hate and war

We are born to have balance

Mystical Rose 🌹 I dare you be

Beautiful enough to shine through the storm and the roughest of dark


Head held high

as the day you were born

Pushing through with effort and demand

Reaching for the stars and climbing ladders to capture your goals

🌹 Mystical Rose 🥀

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