Flamboyant Girl

Flamboyant Girl

Exuberance, and confident soul

Brighter than the sunrise in the horizon

Intelligent mind

Motivated soul

Desires of the heart

Purest of love

Flamboyant Girl

Unique in her ways

Exotic and beautiful

Captivating to the eyes of those who reaches far enough to touch her soul

She’s loving

She’s loyal

She’s respected

She’s giving and always willing to save lives

Exquisite in poetry

Delicate emotions

Fragile heart

And irresistible

She’s adventurous and daring

Outgoing and optimistic

Bold and sufficiently powerful

With the words from her lips and the sway of her hips

She’s magnificent

Flamboyant Girl

Mystery child

She holds pain and with each, she channels it through her poetry

Writing soothes her aches

It’s relaxing to her and she enjoys to meditate

Red wine 🍷

Slow soft jazz

As she tightly grips the pen with her fingertips

As each letter glides across the blue lined pages

She reminds herself she is strong 💪

Letting words flow

Releasing all pains and sorrow

Flamboyant Girl that is me

Young at heart

Old as gold

Wisdom and strength through painful experiences

She’s flamboyant

Optimistic Devi ❤️✍️😉

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