Mellifluous Man

Mellifluous Man

Sapphire tie, Etiquette, Dulcet, charm

Damn you blow my mind

Your lips

They quiver

as we stand facing each other gazing into the eyes of one another

Beach front

Feet in sand

Hands held tightly firm

Mellifluous Man

You remain on my mind

You make me wild 😜

Idyllic I am

Satisfied with every want and need

Mellifluous Man

Stay the way you are

Captivate my beauty

Indulge in my essence

Allow me to escape in your mind

Run wild on your emotions

Caress my dedication

Devote yourself in my potential

Be the reason behind my motivation

Light the path to my destination

Excluding all negativity

Serenade me with your mystery

Mellifluous Man

I give you permission to drain my energy

Lip lock with my melody

Mixed tapes filled with passion and poetry

As we correlate

with the perfect rhythm

Mellifluous Man

Take my hand 🤚

Dance with me into eternity

Create with me a haven

Collaborate with me a new destiny

Dedicated to

My Tiger

My one and only true Love ❤️


Love always your Yogi Bear 🐻

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