Happy 4th 2018

4th of July

We celebrate our country Independence Day

A day of freedom and liberty and justice for all

This year we aren’t free

Look around you

What’s so happy about freedom that which we do not have

We have no choices

We have no voices

We have no control over anything

The system is placed to destroy us

To manipulate us

To terminate us

To deceive us

To entertain us

To remind us that we are divided

Look at our president

So bold and powerful that he is allowing his rage to take control of the choices he is making

Dividing mother from child

Eliminating Judges

Trash talking his peers or previous presidents

Let me remind us all that war and destruction is here and there’s no such thing as freedom

Pestilence, War, Famine, Death

It surrounds us all

Look around

Every day turn on the television

You hear the news

You see the damages every day

Floods, earthquakes, volcanoes erupted, poverty, separation, war, etc…

Even the medications we take

The whole system is rigged

We are told lies about our lives

Our health and even our wealth

The money we have isn’t our own

It all belongs to the Government

The Government has taken those rights from us today

Ever heard the concept of

“Innocent until proven guilty?”

Well sorry to break your bubble

Or turn your stomachs

But truth is that we are all part of this corrupted system

We are all

“Guilty until proven innocent!”

Wether we like it or not

This is the case

We are read our rights to remain silent when being arrested. Then we are charged with a crime

We then are given court dates to come back to fight our cases

Won’t you open your eyes and see that we are all held in captivity

The system controls us

One man can destroy us all

There is no unity

There’s no peace

I can tell you that corruption and war is ahead

It’s been foretold years before

The coming of the end of the world

It will be in fire and brimstone

The four horseman of the apocalypse is here

And destruction is near

The beast is marked

And the money is tagged

Encryption of demonic powers

The root of all Evil

Evil begins with the man who holds those power and the money

That evil is

The president

And today you all celebrate a day of freedom

Freedom of speech and yet we have none

We’ve claimed our independence yet

We have no rights

We are under man kinds powerful spell

Called the Government

Good luck to all

Happy 4th

God be with you as he is we me

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