Generosity and a changed life

Pupils dilated

From the drugs in my system

Senses sharper than a double edged razor

Veins swollen


Black and blue

Same old torn up stockings and butchered hair cut

It’s been over a year

The drugs have taken control of me

I’m lost


And numb

I wake up in search of my only companion

My drug

I opened my eyes

None I found

as I laid behind the garbage dump

As the sun rays beam upon me

It gets brighter by the seconds and it’s scorching hot

My body burns

Skin pale

I hear

The sounds of giggles

And stands in front me a young girl no more than five years old

Giggling 🤭 to her mommy’s joke

She looks down and turns to me

Her whole expression changes

I sat as I watched her turned head and eyes gazed at me

She suddenly stops and pulls her mother back

To give me her candy 🍭

Arms stretched out she handed me

“Here Miss, I want you to have my candy. Mommy says it’s good to share.”

In disbelief I sat with tears in my eyes

Uncertain of why this little girl choose me

I was speechless 😶 and disgusted at myself

That little girl took my breath away

But also broke my heart that day

I wasn’t a bum


Had I have no Home

I was simply an addict

I was lost and alone


That day my soul was renewed

I was given a chance at life again

I found emotions the first thing in the morning as the sun just beamed on me

I saw that light

I felt the pain

And through my might I was willing to fight the urge of the drug which destroyed me

I wanted my life back

With one smile and the generosity of a child

Lives can change

If I did

so can you

Take it from an addict who has been cleansed and renewed

God is great and he may not always come but he sends

Cheers To the strength through a tiny soul which God has given to bless me with another chance at life with simple generosity and a sparkle of love ❤️

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