Child on the Stand

It’s ashamed the world we live in today

That children under the age of ten years old

Are being dragged into the system

Being questioned by the governments

No rights to attorneys

No one to stand at their side

Not a mother, nor father nor any family or friend

The Judge 👨‍⚖️ is out to a task

As tears wells up in his eyes

He’s ashamed I can see as I watch him from TV

He’s ashamed to be the one who questions the innocence of a child

He’s ashamed of the system he has been chosen to work for

He’s ashamed that he’s going to have to make a decision

As the District Attorney reads off the case

The Judge looks down on his page

The charges that a child was accuse of

Entering the country without permission

As the Judge wipes the corner of his eyes

I began to pray

Head bowed, knees kneeled, I scream out

Dear God

Could you please Help!

Help these children who are in pain, the separation of a mother and a child is already a burning ache in their hearts

Now to be trialed and jailed and deported right after that

These are children my dear God

Help their souls to be happy and not sad!

Guide them through and blind the eyes of the Judge

Help him to see past his authority and show compassion and give these children mercy!

Amen 🙏

Indecisive of what to do

The Judge has stepped down

Leaving the case in dismissal

Our God is true and just and he will prevail

When we call on his name

He will come

When we believe in him

He will show us the light

It’s called faith, love, hope and dedication

Let’s being to pray because the end is near

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