The drug that destroyed her home

His friends, fantasies, alcohol and cocaine

A love so rare

Nothing else matters when two souls connects and becomes one

No one else means much other than their love

When honesty and pleasure becomes hate and regrets

When joy becomes Grey and pain has been dealt

She sat and wondered to herself

All along

Everyone was right

And through it all she was blind

A love so rare

He was thirty she was forty one

He wanted to party she wanted a home

He enjoyed the company of his friends and she spent most of her time alone

As time went by

The love began to slowly diminish

Snatching all away from what she has built

The grief to leave behind her home

The pain she felt when she made up her mind

She did it with a cleared and conscience mind

Letting love slip away

Through her finger tips they go

Her heart she picks up from the floor

He wanted excitement outside of those walls

She wanted a baby and a garden of love

He destroyed her pride with his disgusted words

His sentences were like daggers to her soul

She lifted her head and motivated herself

Moving forward from the bitter memories which they had

She moved forward with one step after another

Taking back her powerful character

As journey takes her through

She will be okay

Because she is stronger than she seems

And her tears will flow

Many nights without him

But no matter how hard it may seem

She will glisten like the stars at night

With her head held high

Because she has overcome

She has finally stand up for what’s right for once

And she’s proud of the woman she became

She has higher goals and is worthy of so much more

I pray you’re safe now 🙏

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