Where did the time go?

Where did the time go

We were once “One of a kind”

Now we’re just,

You are you and I am me

No longer one in unity

We were two hearts that became one

But things have changed and time has passed

So here we are with a less trusted start

Things are now placed with

That’s yours and this is mine

Where did we go wrong?

What happened to time?

We once battled on a field of love where we escaped life and became one

Today we are two

That’s because of you

You once placed all your trust within me

Guided your heart with all your might

Still I broke those walls with an impressive fight

As your love grew stronger each day

I was once proud of being your lady

You once loved me unconditionally

You once took care of me

Where did the time go?

Today you have hate and regret

Your words they hurt

Like the daggers to my chest

Crumbling my peace

My heart and soul

I didn’t want to say

But today of all days

I’ve had enough

So what will it be?

Is it you are you and I am I

Or will we be

Together as one?

I’m tired of trying to figure everything out

So let me know so time

I waste no more

Where did the time go?

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