She is Me

She has been hurt

She has over came

She has been burnt

She has been healed

Broken wings

Keeps her grounded

She isn’t afraid of captivity

Because in her mind

She is free mentally

She loves with a passion

She ignites souls

She lift up praises

Her smile glistens like gold

She is a warrior

One of a kind

Someone who is worthy

Of a life filled with security and tranquility

She is her own authority

She listens to no one

Other than her beating heart

And her intelligent mind

She knows what’s wrong and she tries to do what’s right

She is fierce like a Tiger

And calm like a kitten

She wears pain on her heels

And writes of life’s battlefield

She is true to her friends and her main objective is Loyalty

She is a rare gem

One of a kind

If you get to know her

You will understand why

She shares her experiences

in hopes of teaching others

She loves unconditionally just like a mother

She is unique, humble and polite

Piss her off and you’re on the next flight

Out of sight and out of mind

She is victorious and respected

She is powerful with her mind and wicked with a pen

Her art brings out her soul as she shows the beauty of the world within her swirls

Each stroke entwined with each other

Captivating the eyes of another

She is encouraging and motivated

She doesn’t believe in time being wasted

She enjoys reading and writing

And Dancing in the rain

She’s unique in many ways

Sometimes people call her the Jack of all trades

She is inspired and she enjoys inspiring others

She believes that every female should know what it is to become a mother

She knows her worth and never settles for less

She is admired for her compassion and talents

She is dedicated to what she puts her mind to

She is unique and pure at heart

She will never back down from what she stands up for nor does she start a project that she can’t finish

She has pride and dignity

She doesn’t like to stress

She prays to God and leaves it in his hands

She gets angry at times

And says hurtful things

She’s not perfect and that she admits

She loves driving with the windows down, letting her hair loose in the wind

She says it makes her feel a sense of being satisfied

The roads make her smile

She loves long walks and romantic talks


Scary movies, on winter nights

Cuddled up with her perfect guy

She is the eye of life

The mother of a birth

The sense of direction

The passion in her soul

She is free as a bird

She transitions and adapts when necessary

She is kind and pretty

Brave as a solider

Wild like a beast

She’s daring

She’s loving and caring

She’s proud of who she is

She is Me

Optimistic Devi

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