I rather

I don’t know why I allow you to get the best of me

Each time you break me you are only making me stronger

Each time you degrade me

You push me away further

Each time you remind me of the past

It only makes me bitter

Each time you’re ready to verbally battle it only shows your true character

Each time you point one finger at me

Remind yourself that three points back at you

I allow you to humiliate me and degrade my character as a respected woman

And I refuse to allow you to have control over my emotions any longer

So each time you throw things of the past in my face

Think of how you would feel being without me for the rest of eternity

Think of how you would hurt to know that this woman of yours has found her worth

Think of how empty you would be

knowing that you can’t verbally abuse me anymore

Think of the times we once shared and cry yourself to sleep

Feel how I have felt when you left me many times not knowing where you went coming home the next day


This time for me

I won’t be coming back

Because today of all

You have emotionally destroyed me


You have brought me back to reality

And I have realized my worth

I refuse to tolerate the words you speak

I rather walk away with words of God bless and leave in peace with nothing on my chest to remind me of you

Or the hate that began to grow

I rather leave with a lesson learned instead of regret

I rather living life than the feeling of being dead with someone you think loves you the same as you love them

I rather sleep

Alone and at peace rather than with pillows in between

Separating our bodies from touching one another

Having pain in our hearts and questions on our minds

I rather be bold and confident working towards success than to be timid and unsuccessful

Because a quite mouth never gets fed

I rather speak what’s on my mind than to keep it hidden inside

I rather live and be happy than to be happy and not live

I rather joyful noises than screams of painful words from the person I love

I rather my life being alone than with someone who makes me hurt

With the words which he speaks

Slowly killing me

I rather be me than to live a lie



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