Conversations can lead to many destinations

Prolonged conversations

Descriptive emotions involved

When speaking of the past

From texts to talks

Letters to books


Music, dance and destiny

From vacations traveling to different places

We spoke more than we slept and lived with no regrets

Time after time

Speaking of past present and future

Of marriages and happily ever after

Of babies and dreams

And after a long period of time

Prolonged conversations eventually died

We speak when spoken to


One argues and one stays quite

We point fingers instead of trying to figure things out

We blame without listening

We hate without understanding

We are bitter and cruel

We say hurtful things to make the better half of us cry

And after a while

Prolonged conversations died

Conversations can change the circumstances in any situation

Don’t allow any relationship to die because of your failure to listen and understand what you’re significant other is going through

At that moment when they need you most in their lives

Failure to speak can make silence break a heart

One cannot read your mind, nor can they

Understand your pain but one can listen and speak

If you cannot give good advice and you hold on to the past

Then be silent and let others speak and you listen

Wether agree or disagree or agree to disagree

Either way it clears the air of silence

It helps you to clarify things

And have a better perspective of the reason for another individual opinions

Life is remarkable and people are unique in their own ways

Only if you listen before you speak will you understand the beauty of life

Conversations can lead to many destinations


  1. As always D you have a way with words. You express your self so eloquently and your writing for the most part touches a inner core. This particular piece I was able to relate to. Communication is very important and LOC (lack of communication) can affect any relationship profoundly. I felt like you were able to express my innermost feelings and put them into a more expressive clearly explaination and get your point across. 🖒👏

    Liked by 1 person

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