The thorns on a Rose 🌹

The Thorns of a Rose 🌹

It’s beautiful, so lovely, so exciting
but beware, of the dangers hidden there
Yes, it’s quite intriguing
I can’t believe what I am seeing
Do my eyes deceive me?
The rose isn’t quite what it seems

The sweet scent lures me near
Yet I simply stand static with fear.
But I feel so free,
the tender sweetness tastes so good…

I reach for the rose
but it falls from my grasp,
and tumbles out of reach,
and all I can feel is it’s pain.

It was the thorns of the rose
the ones you overlook
I thought the rose was pure,
but it was this that I mistook.
The pain of love slashes my heart
I scream in despair,
as I fall to my knees,
a simple phrase strains to leave my lips
‘Why me? Why me?’

What happened to excitement?
What happened to fear?
Where are those emotions now
that love is not so near?

I’ve lost the aroma of happiness
I am no longer free,
but trapped and quarantined.
Now I’m just another drone of earth,
Once blinded by sweet love,
but now I only see ugly truth.

How could something that feels so right
be so utterly wrong?
They all say ‘It’ll be okay’,
and that the hurt will not last long.
But the pain is still strong,
The emotion still lingers,
and it forever lives on…

Something so insignificant now,
Looking back I still feel the pain
something that may have meant nothing,
nothing at all.
But in my mind that nothing shall remain.

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