Proud Great grandma 👵

My lovely mother

You are the best mother, grandmother, great grandmother, wife, sister, and my true best friend!

I saw this picture and felt so warm because I imagined how you once held me in your arms

How much you loved me since birth and although I may not say it much

As often as I should

I love you with every breath I take

And couldn’t be such a strong woman, a best friend to many, a loving sister, and a brat for a daughter without the woman I saw right in front my eyes for years since birth until now

I couldn’t be me WITHOUT YOU!

I learned so much from you

And I may make mistakes along the way

But please know that through them I always will turn to you first for that advice

Because indeed you weren’t lying when I was 13-18 when you said “let you be my sister, my friend, my mother, because only you will always carry my pain and joy for the beginning until the end!”

I know now mom and I love you for the love you have always given me

And I promise that one day soon I will make you even more proud

To know that this little pain in your butt has accomplished everything through your faith in me.

I love you mom

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